Educating Mothers on Malnutrition

Jul 20, 2017
By Kathryn Dorrell On

Malnutrition threatens the lives of children under the age of five in the Timor community. Physical stunting and developmental delays become all too common when children don't receive proper nourishment.

In the fall of 2011, Satrio was three years old and weighted only 10 kg. He was malnourished. His mother Marsiana knew her son was a picky eater, but didn't worry about it because other children in her community were just as small. What she didn't realize at the time was that these children were also malnourished.

It was at that time that Marsiana began participating in a World Vision nutrition workshop. When she learned about the symptoms of malnutrition, she quickly realized that her son needed treatment right away. At the treatment center, Marsiana learned to prepare delicious, nutritious meals with local available ingredients, such as beans, tomatoes, nuts, and rice.

Bring children back to good health with the gift of life-saving nutrition.

Together with other mothers, she began cooking a steamed rice dish in which vegetables, rice, and other ingredients are all mixed together, making it harder for children to pick at their food. The group also uses plates, spoons, and glasses that are decorated with cartoon characters to keep children engaged. Once a month, volunteers weigh and monitor the children's progress.

Today, Satrio is a healthy little boy, and Marsiana will ensure he continues to do well.

"I just hope my child is in good condition always and likes to eat," she says.