Building a bridge between child and sponsor

Jan 10, 2024
5 mins

It’s safe to say that physical and language barriers are felt between sponsored child and sponsor. Though letters and emails are often translated into corresponding languages, there is one type of communication that requires no interpretation, bridging the gaps of physical and linguistic separation.

The universal language of art can be read by all without the need for translation. It evokes emotions and understanding that transcends all physical and linguistic barriers.

Rahul is a 17-year-old sponsored child living in Nepal with his parents and two brothers. At just three years old, he suffered a major accident that led to paralysis on the left side of his body. With a bright smile that can light up a room, Rahul remains determined to pursue his love for art despite his physical limitations.

For as long as he can remember, Rahul has had a passion for drawing. When he was 14, he decided to study arts in high school. After that, there was no going back and with the support of his family, he embraced this new journey.

As a sponsored child of nearly six years, art has become the bridge that connects Rahul’s world with that of his sponsor, regardless of the physical distance between them.

“I am able to connect to with my sponsor through my love for artwork,” he says. “Receiving praise for my drawings really inspires me to keep going.”

Rahul is currently studying fine arts, which he thoroughly enjoys. “Through art, I can express my feelings,” he states.

A collection of four of Rahul’s paintings

"I am an artist,” Rahul states. “My family is very supportive of my interest in arts.”

His artwork has been featured at local government events and was included on World Vision diaries and calendars in 2023, and envelopes used to mail out child letters. These have been driving factors for Rahul to keep going and pursue his career as an artist.

“This is a very big achievement for me,” he says. “It is something that me and my family will treasure for long.”

World Vision’s life-skill development activities have not only transformed Rahul’s life but the lives of children in his community, too.

Rahul and his mother sit side-by-side, looking at one of his drawings.

Rahul and his mother sit side-by-side, looking at one of his drawings.

Striving to lead by example, Rahul is inspiring others to follow their dreams, despite any challenges they may be facing. His journey is a testament that miracles are possible when aspirations are encouraged by loved ones.

As he continues to paint his future with colours of determination and resilience, Rahul and his family cherish the accomplishments he has already achieved with the support from World Vision and his sponsor.