Corporate Partnerships

Imagine your company offering children a future without poverty.


COVID-19 is a direct threat to girls, boys and families World Vision serves, especially in fragile countries where healthcare systems are weak.

Your support today will be channelled quickly and effectively to teams of experts already on the ground to help support vulnerable children and families in the midst of the crisis.  


Why Partner with World Vision?

For nearly 70 years, World Vision has developed a track record of trust and influence with local, national and international decision-makers. As Canada’s largest international development, relief, and advocacy organization with operations in over 100 countries, World Vision enjoys brand recognition among 93% of our country’s population.

When you partner with World Vision to help vulnerable children and families around the world, you also help your company: 
  • Reach your target audience 
  • Build your brand 
  • Drive your sales

Let's explore our shared vision and values. Together, we can grow your business while also helping people in need.



We raise charitable support from companies and employees moved by a sense of altruism and love to help fight poverty and injustice.


Companies can give cash in any amount, either one-time or ongoing. Companies can support child sponsorships monthly or one of our six causes (Poverty, Hunger, Health, Education, Gender Equality and Water).

In Kind
Companies can donate products and services that help us enhance our programs in the field or offset our operational and fundraising costs.

Employee Giving
Employees can be encouraged to give through donor programs, matching funds and other incentives, which enhances staff engagement and positive regard for their employer.

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By aligning with our robust brand and our large, loyal audience, you can increase your company’s brand equity, grow brand awareness and expand your market.


In exchange for your cash or in-kind contribution to our programs or events, we tailor opportunities for you to reach our audience with brand- and marketing activations.

Cause Marketing
We elevate your brand in exchange for your donation of a portion of your sales, donation of products relative to sales, or by asking customers to “round up” at point of sale.
Naming World Vision as the recipient of the proceeds from your fundraising event elevates your brand and exponentially increases the social impact of your efforts.
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Employee Engagement

Engaging employees in charitable activities with World Vision can increase employee morale, enhance employee loyalty and deepen their sense of purpose as individuals.

Employees can come as a group to our warehouse to participate in our Pack-it-Forward program, or volunteer individually at World Vision events or our offices.

Employees can be encouraged to give payroll deduction donations through incentives that include matching funds or special recognition. They can also become child sponsors.

Your company can participate in one of our many signature events, like a Global 6K, or join an international Vision Trip to see our work in action firsthand.
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To improve child and community well-being, we promote positive corporate practices and operations around the world through direct dialogue and partnership, research, advice and government advocacy.


Leveraging Relationships
World Vision builds and facilitates constructive relationships between businesses and communities, other NGOs, civil society partners and governments, both in Canada and in the field.

Connecting with Experience
World Vision provides research and insight on your operational impacts abroad and guidance on implementing responsible business practices that positively impact child well-being.

Operating Responsibly
We advance national legislation and policies promoting responsible business abroad and partner with companies to support and implement them.

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Speak directly to the Corporate Engagement Team for more information.