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We have projects to support all aspects of community development from clean water to education, and projects that protect and advocate for children in over 99 countries.

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A girl smiles while standing in front of a jug of clean water.

Clean Water Fund

Give water, give life and help protect children. Raise funds for pipelines, handwashing stations, pumps and more.

A child soldier.

Restore Child Soldiers

Help save children of war with a gift that provides things like medical support, counselling and education. You’ll also help reunite children with loving families and protect others from abduction

Girls wearing school uniforms stand in front of a blackboard with their teacher in a classroom.

Educate a Child

Every child dreams of a life filled with promise. Help renovate classrooms, train instructors, improve literacy, provide vocational skills, ready youth for employment and more.

a medical professional stands in front of a shelf of medication.

Stock a Medical Clinic

In poor countries, clinic shelves are often empty. Fill them with life-saving supplies like antimalarials, de-worming drugs, medical supplies and more.

A girl stands among a stable of animals including chickens, goats and a cow.

Help Fill a Stable

Help break the cycle of poverty when you fill a stable with animals like a goat, cow, woolly sheep, pigs, and chickens or ducks.

A girl looks out a metal window shutter.

Help Exploited Children

Prevent and protect children from sexual exploitation. Help provide things like education, counselling, awareness training and more.