Join forces for good

When you start your own fundraiser, you can choose to support a project that matters to you: providing access to clean water, education, healthcare, or other sustainable resources to the people who need it most. 

Rally your friends, family, colleagues, teammates – everyone you know. Together, you can make a difference that transcends boundaries, distances, even entire generations. 

Are you ready to get started?

Quick Start Guide                             Group Fundraising Toolkit

Three adults stand outdoors under a tree. Each is wearing an orange racing bib and black shorts. They raise their hands together for a group high-five.

Where the money goes

When you fundraise through the Gift Catalogue, you help communities build up their infrastructure, economy and resilience. SEE YOUR IMPACT >

A young girl writes on a blackboard with a piece of chalk while holding a notebook.

Education Fund


A small child holds a spoon close to her mouth while she smiles at the camera.

Feed Hungry Children and Families


Water gushes out of the ground after a heavy machine finishes drilling for a well.

Help Drill a Well


Three children (two girls and a boy) are in an animal pen surrounded by a cow, four goats, a rooster, a chicken and three chicks.

Help Fill a Stable


A woman smiles as she holds a variety of colored fabric draped on her arm.

Empower Women


An adult woman wearing a white lab coat smiles as she stands in front of a glass-front cabinet stocked with various bottles and boxes of medicine. She holds a clipboard and a pen in each hand.

Stock a Medical Clinic


One young girl standing in the doorway of a latrine hands a roll of toilet paper to another girl in the latrine next to her. The whole structure is made of corrugated metal and wooden posts.

Help Build Latrines


A profile of a young woman wearing a head scarf.

Help Sexually Exploited Children


A young girl stands in a field, looking off into the distance. She wears a blue and purple striped headscarf and a concerned expression on her face.

Help Where Most Needed