Plan Your Legacy


A planned gift is a heroic act of kindness that helps World Vision create lasting impact on the lives of children, families and communities. Let us help you get started.

Your legacy. Your way.


The life you’ve built says a lot about you. Your values. The impact you’ve made. Your dreams for the future. A charitable gift can help your legacy live on for the next generation of change-makers – without affecting your present lifestyle.

Planned giving options provide income or potential savings now and in the future. Explore your options below.

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Make World Vision Canada a beneficiary in your will and know that your legacy will live on for generations. All it takes is a simple clause in your will to leave a gift of hope – and to continue transforming lives for years to come.

It’s easy to add World Vision Canada to an existing will. Simply speak to your lawyer about preparing a codicil –a document that allows you to make simple amendments without having to rewrite your will.

Tax receipts for the full amount of your donation may offset capital gains or other taxes payable and lessen the financial burden to your loved ones.

"I have made arrangements in my will for some of my estate to go towards the continued support of World Vision. It’s a gift that has no financial impact during my lifetime but it will ensure that children around the world have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams." - Kathleen Crozier

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A gift of securities to World Vision Canada is one of the most financially sound ways to support our programs. When you donate stocks, mutual funds or other types of securities to a charity, you pay no capital gains tax. You’ll also receive a tax receipt for the full amount of the gift.

For electronic transfer, please contact your broker and fill out a Securities Transfer Form.

If you hold shares in certificate form, please fill out a Letter of Authorization Form, then hand-deliver, courier, or send them by registered mail to the World Vision Canada office.


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Retirement Funds

You can have a tremendous impact when you donate to World Vision programs that provide safe water, emergency relief, agricultural assistance, education and more to communities in some of the world’s most desperate places. When you name World Vision Canada as a beneficiary, your estate will receive a receipt to offset taxes due from the distribution of the RRSP or RRIF, which are among the most heavily taxed assets you own.

Endowment Funds

You can create an endowment fund by donating substantial gifts of cash or assets. Name it for yourself or a loved one. Endowment funds may be pooled, and individual endowments may require a minimum contribution. When you create an endowment, your donation is invested permanently and the income is used to support World Vision programs. You may direct your endowment fund toward community programs that are important to you. Or, you may allow us to use the funds where most needed. Either way, you’ll change the world for children, families and communities in need for future generations to come.


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Give in Memory

Honour someone special by making a donation in their memory.

When you make a memorial donation for a loved one or friend, World Vision Canada will send a letter on your behalf to the family acknowledging your thoughtful gift. By choosing to celebrate the life of a loved one through a memorial donation, you inspire and enable World Vision Canada to positively impact the lives of children and families.

Donate in Memory

By donating a life insurance policy, you can be remembered for being a global neighbour by extending your values to people in need. Your compassion will be felt for years to come. Gifts of life insurance are a great way to make a substantial donation for a relatively low cost of premium payment.

Life insurance donations can come in many forms: You can donate a policy you already own, make World Vision Canada beneficiary of a joint policy held with your spouse, or buy a new policy to donate.


  • Make a substantial gift at little or no cost, without touching other assets
  • May provide substantial tax relief for you now or for your estate later
  • Pay lower premiums if you use a joint policy


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Reap the benefits of your own legacy by establishing a charitable gift annuity for as little as $10,000. Approximately 25% of that amount will be provided to World Vision Canada as an irrevocable gift of cash or securities, which goes to work immediately around the world to help empower children and families out of poverty. The remainder is used to purchase annuity that will provide you income for life.


  • Guaranteed income for life
  • A better rate of return than many other investment opportunities
  • You can receive immediate tax benefits
  • Save your estate probate fees, thus easing the burden on heirs and loved ones later
  • See the difference your legacy is making in your lifetime


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Your legacy. Your way.


The life you’ve built says a lot about you, your values and what you care about the most. Your charitable gift will build a brighter future and leave a legacy that lives on through generations of changemakers.

Planned giving options provide income or potential savings now and in the future, without affecting your present lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Planned or legacy giving is the designation of charitable gifts through a financial or estate plan. These are generally gifts of assets or a bequest in your will, not current income.
Depending on the type of asset donated, planned giving can offer significant tax advantages to you now, or to your heirs when you’re gone. It’s also a way to make a much more substantial gift than might ever be possible otherwise.

If the securities are held in a brokerage account, your broker can transfer your shares electronically to World Vision Canada’s account at TD Waterhouse. You simply contact your broker and complete the Transfer Securities form.

If you have share certificates, please contact us.

A bequest is simply a gift of money or assets such as cash, stocks, bonds and securities to individuals or organizations in your will or estate plan. A bequest made to a charity or non-profit organization can also be called a charitable bequest, legacy gift or planned gift.

Simply contact your lawyer and have them include a clause in your will naming World Vision Canada as a beneficiary. If you already have a will, you can still include a bequest by adding a codicil to your existing will.

No. Naming your sponsored child in your will is not recommended as children and their families may graduate from the program, or leave the sponsorship program for other reasons making it impossible for World Vision to honour your wishes. We recommend you direct your bequest to the child sponsorship program, or allow us to use it where it is needed most at the time received.