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Unleashing the power of the Super Tortilla

Families are fighting malnutrition in Honduras, with a new way of thinking about adding vegetables to the kids’ tortillas. Not rolled up inside, where they can be detected and avoided, but mashed into the actual dough.

Hope from the humble egg
The humble egg is making an exceptional difference in the lives of children and families around the world. 

In the News The F-word: What is famine?

In Canada, where most families have enough to eat, it’s easy to become complacent about the idea of hunger.  It’s not uncommon for people to say “I’m starving!” when they’re running late for dinner.
But in the humanitarian world, there are terms we approach with extreme caution. Starving is one of them. And famine is another. 

5 tips for capturing a social media-worthy meal

Food writer and photographer (and Hungerfree spokesperson) Dennis the Prescott knows a thing or two about fab food photography.

From the Field A nutritionist’s take on Somalia

I’m travelling along a jagged road in Puntaland, Somalia in a landcruiser. My companion is a nutritionist from World Vision Somalia. His name is Mohammud.  

Change Makers What food insecurity means to teenagers like Jennifer

It was at a youth forum where I met Jennifer, a World Vision Kenya volunteer. By the age of nine Jennifer was expected to work every day or go hungry. This Day of the Girl, I’m remembering Jennifer’s courageous commitment to a Hunger Free world, and I’m even more determined to join her in making that a reality. 

From the Field What happens when refugees are given land instead of tents

More than a million South Sudanese refugees have poured into Uganda in the last year, forming the biggest refugee settlement in the world. But instead of tents being closely compacted together in a grid, they dotted the landscape organically with vegetation filling the gaps in between.

From the Field Young woman starts program to feed 1,200 schoolchildren
Wawira’s story began with a single realization, “What did I do to deserve a better life than other kids around me?” While she grew up with comfort and three meals a day, there were those in her community of Ruiru, Kenya who didn’t have access to nutritious food or quality education. 

From the Field We pray for rain: Drought & hunger in Somalia
I've never seen a place so dry. “You have places like this in the U.S.?” asks Mohammud, a nutritionist with the Somali team. “Kind of,” I say. “There’s a place they call Death Valley.”

Change Makers Dennis the Prescott: Food Is Community

Dennis is that guy from Instagram that makes you drool on your phone- chef, author and all-around nice East Coast guy. He’s also a change-maker who believes a hunger-free world is possible.

How generosity can build the world
In the Dominican Republic, in slums pressed between vacation resorts, there is a café without tables, without chairs. You’ll never find it on Yelp. It's a café that taught me about true generosity.

10 ingredients for a Hunger Free world

We’ve gathered 10 unique ingredients for food activism. These life ingredients take care of the earth and share the bounty with the most vulnerable in our global community.

Living with Uncertainty
Mahi, a 6-year-old girl, lives with her parents, Masud and Banu, in a nearby village. Little Mahi, 6, is recognized for her big smile. Photo: Juliet Mondol/World Vision Sadly, helplessness is a familiar feeling for Mahi’s parents. “I eat...

Mrs. Mokubung Paints Orange Farm Green
Mrs. Doris Mokubung is a community member in Orange Farm who refuses to be intimidated by the erratic weather patterns that have tormented the area for the past ten years. She’s one of six members in the Perseverance Cooperative. The group started...

A Story of Transformation
Local leader Jose Matias, 72, remembers the time when everyday life was a struggle. Basic services were scarce and social problems widespread.  “When I moved to Ventanilla in 1999, every day was a shocking reality,” said Jose. “I was particularly...

A Committed Church in Action
In a community that typically suffers from broken family relationships, many fall prey to alcohol and drug additions. For those seeking good moral guidance to a healthier life, a committed church community supports its members in many ways: living...

Lucio Becomes a Leader
With each swing of his pickaxe, Lucio breaks the dry ground of his onion garden. He walks along the perimeter, gently uprooting the onions beneath his feet. Shaking off the loose dirt, he collects the fruits of his labor. Lucio is breaking... 

Hungry for Hope
Chanelle, 12 years old, dropped out of school so she could work to support her family in a time of famine. There is hardly ever enough food, as her community is often hit by drought, leaving villagers hungry. Chantelle outside her home....

A Little Loan goes a Long Way
“Comedor Casa Blanca” is a place of fond childhood memories for Gloria, the hallways filled with delicious smells wafting from the kitchen. The old property has served the community as a guest house and restaurant for 60 years. Gloria remembers...

Cooking Classes Transform Children's Health
What if the food you had grown up learning how to cook ended up leaving your own child malnourished? Many families in Honduras rely on corn alone for cooking ingredients to feed their children but neglect various nutrients that are...

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