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Meghan Markle: Humanitarian and Global Citizen
Meghan Markle has long been involved in humanitarian efforts and charity work – from volunteering in soup kitchens as a teenager, to advocating for gender equality with the UN and raising awareness for the world’s most vulnerable children.  

Muppets teach Syrian refugee children life-saving handwashing habits
A partnership between Sesame Workshop and World Vision is teaching young Syrian refugee children about safe drinking water, the importance of using latrines and good handwashing. 

Change Makers A world-changing idea: the Live Like Alex Water Walk

She led a life dedicated to making the world a better place. Though I never met Alex, I still consider her a role model of mine. Because of this experience, I've become inspired to make a difference in our world- and you can too. 

Clean Water Aids Education
Education is a tool that has the power to equip a person for life. Whether formal education or workshops for everyday living, World Vision prioritizes learning of every kind. Sadly, not every child has the opportunity to go to...

Chores or Classes?
A common problem in Niger is the lack of accessible, clean water. This issue can affect many things, including going to school. Because they’re responsible for helping with chores around the house, lack of water resources are especially hard on... 

Change Makers Running for water, on water: No excuses for the Global 6K
As the director of a church charity that has sponsored water projects in Africa, Ed says he is "aware of the incredible benefits of safe water." So when Ed and Dyanna's church was hosting a Global 6K walk for clean water, for them, there was no excuse not to participate. Not even the fact that they'll be at sea on the date of the event.

Clean Water Made Accessible
Not long ago, the lack of clean water was a major concern to the Nadowli community. As their major source of water was not suitable for consumption, schools, households and farms were affected. Clean water means a lot to this community of...

Hygiene and Health for All: A Young Boy Shows How
All too often in Haiti’s rural communities, children fall sick with diarrhea, cholera and parasites. The culprit?  Dirty hands due to a lack of clean water and knowledge of the importance of handwashing. Enter ten-year-old Ricardo. When... 

Water Irrigation Empowers Village Farmers
On the dry and dusty road to Thamsanga Makhuyana’s village, the effect of the prolonged drought is evident — crops, grasses and even trees are yellow and brown. “We’ve experienced drought before, but this year is the worst,” says Thamsanqa....

My trip to India was unforgettable and so is this shocking fact
Everyone knows Indian weddings are extravagant, colourful and dazzling. When I received the invite from one of my best friends to attend her “brother’s” wedding in India, I couldn’t say no.

From the Field Latrines help restore dignity for girls like Nimco

13-year-old Nimco lives in the Baki district of northwestern Somalia, an area of the country that’s been devastated by years of civil war. Her village had a serious shortage of latrines. Until recently, 70 per cent of people were relieving themselves outside, causing sanitation issues that led to sickness and even death.

It Started with a Well
“Since I began participating in World Vision activities in the Simba community, I feel more confident,” says Mr. Lea. He first came in contact with World Vision when a local staff member and health professional approached him about drilling a new...

The Impact of a Toilet
Sanitation is lacking in many parts of the Faridabad community, and Razia’s family was feeling the effects acutely. Day-to-day life has dramatically improved with a toilet. Photo: World Vision.   Her family of 12—including three adolescent...

Water Yields Big Results for Margaret's Family
Margaret Sidi Daniel, 45, stands in the field near her home where she and her family grow cassava, papaya, tamarind and mango. A few years ago, World Vision provided the community with a new well, pipeline and water system. Margaret recently... 

New Water Brings New Life
Dariko, 65, remembers a time when her family didn’t have water for their land. Like everyone in the community, their only source of water was 30km away—a river up in the mountains. It wasn’t enough for everyone, and the system relied on wooden...

From the Field Providing access to clean water in North Korea

Recently, I returned from North Korea, officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, where I had the opportunity to visit some of World Vision’s alternative energy water projects. 

From the Field Providing access to clean water in North Korea

Recently, I returned from North Korea, officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, where I had the opportunity to visit some of World Vision’s alternative energy water projects. 

From the Field "Unsafe water keeps my friend from school."

But sometimes Otília is too weak to play soccer…or go to school. This happens when she has diarrhea caused by the water the family drinks from the stream.

From the Field For girls in India, a simple trip to the washroom can be life-threatening

In many urban areas of India, families live in old, one-room houses. The houses do not have toilets, so everyone is forced to rely on public toilets that are shared by several families. The lack of dignity makes using these facilities a harrowing experience for young women.

Change Makers Meet two Canadian change makers

What started in 1985 as a way to shake the cobwebs off after New Year’s Eve has now grown into a family affair for the Courage clan. Gaye Courage, the “Queen Polar Bear” and mother to Co-Founders Todd and Trent, was the one who instigated the whole thing when she told her boys to “go jump in the lake”. Today, Gaye joins the family on New Year’s Day to take part on the largest charitable polar bear dip in Canada.

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