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Voices My trip to India was unforgettable and so is this shocking fact
Everyone knows Indian weddings are extravagant, colourful and dazzling. When I received the invite from one of my best friends to attend her “brother’s” wedding in India, I couldn’t say no.

From the Field 17 reasons to hope in 2017

Hope shines a light in the darkness. It’s infectious, even healing. But what is there to be hopeful for? Let’s look at the year ahead with 17 reasons to have hope in 2017.

More than Practice Leaders
We are practicing at being leaders in the future,” says Prakash, a 16-year-old boy from Doti East. We’re sitting in a low-roofed building close to the high school campus, where Prakash is the chairperson of the “child club.”

The room is filled...

Ready, Prepared and Looking Forward
Angela is active and chatty, with big black eyes and a playful look on her face. Like many kids in Romania’s rural areas, she didn’t have opportunities as a young child; the limits of her village were the limits of her universe. Every...

Testimonials from the Kounkane Community
As World Vision’s time in the Kounkane community nears its end, children, parents and community members share some of the achievements that have made the biggest difference in their lives. Read on for a few personal testimonies, made possible..

Plant a Seed, Grow a Future
Fields, forests and farms provide food for families in Yodamphone's village" but it's not always enough, especially if you have eight mouths to feed. Together with his wife, Pha, Yodamphone has six children.

A "Total Transformation" for Birtukan's Family
“We had a hard and difficult time,” says Birtukan, 36. The mom of four from Hidhabu Abote remembers how they used to struggle. For at least three months each year, the family didn’t have enough food to eat. Birtukan with her kids on... 

Planting "Green" Bombs
More than 450 children, youth and adults have worked together to combat hunger by planting “green bombs” throughout Costa Rica. The bombs, made of mud, clay and seeds, are a teaching tool to motivate people to naturally grow food and fight hunger...

A Sweet Source of Income
Chhaliheng, 11, is a Grade 4 student. He likes helping his dad collect honey from the forest nearby. The sponsored child is helpful at home, too. After school he does house chores and takes care of his little brother. It helps spell off... 

Standing up for Children's Rights Post-Ebola
In the wake of the Ebola crisis, many people—especially children—are still coming to terms with the events that unfolded.   Schools were closed for nine months, relatives and neighbours were lost, children weren’t allowed to play with their... 

Joyce Avoids Her "Last Resort"
At age 18, Joyce was in a bad place. Her parents had stopped supporting her education and were pressuring her to get married. But Joyce had ambition. She wanted to keep studying. Unfortunately she didn’t have any money for her daily needs, let...

Fishing for a Better Future
In September of 2016, Child Sponsorship Ambassador Stan Barriault traveled to Tanzania to visit children and their families. While there, he met one industrious father using fish to further his family. On my first day visiting families in Tanzania,... 

The Buzz on Beekeeping
In September of 2016, Child Sponsorship Ambassador Katana Bosetti traveled to Tanzania to visit children and their families. While there, she met one unforgettable character, a beekeeper named Ernest.  It was a bright, sunny, day as we drove... 

In the News Syrian children from Aleppo build snowmen in a displacement camp

In a rare moment of winter cheer, these displaced Syrian children had some fun in the snow, north of the city of Aleppo. 

In the News 3 ways to remember Syria this Christmas

For years, our hearts have been broken by the conflict in Syria. This holiday season, the images of children hurt and even targeted by the violence, especially in Aleppo, seem almost too much to bear.

In the News Syria, you have not been forgotten

People around the world have been expressing solidarity for those suffering in Syria by lighting a candle in their honour. 

From the Field See how children celebrate Christmas around the world

At World Vision we’re blessed to work in nearly 100 countries around the world. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but there are many, many families who do. We get an inside look at all the different ways people celebrate Christmas around the world, and we wanted to share just a few of our favourite stories.

In the News Do something for Syrian refugees this Christmas

For years, our hearts have been broken by the conflict in Syria. As we near the holiday season, the images of children who have been hurt and even targeted by the violence, especially in Aleppo, seem almost too much to bear. 

From the Field Blanket of warmth
Odiille's old blanket wasn't keeping her warm during cold nights, so Canadian donors shared their warmth with a new blanket through Gift-in-Kind.

Change Makers When Mauro meets Arman
Mauro visits his sponsored child, Arman, bearing gifts and seeking genuine connection.

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