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From the Field Jaciele gets by with a little help from her friends

Though her family could not afford uniforms and books, a generous donation of school supplies helped send young Jaciele to school.

From the Field One stitch at a time
Yupida empowers six other women to join her in a new business endeavour, while their husbands give their time to take over household duties.

From the Field Generosity runs in the family
Two sisters training for the 100-metre dash barefoot, now train with proper equipment thanks to a gift delivered by World Vision.

From the Field Strength in heroic kindness
Hamza's dark and violent war stories are transformed into stories of kindness when his teachers at the early childhood education centre show him what it means to belong.

In the News Aleppo in ruins, World Vision calls for peace in Syria

The ceasefire in eastern Aleppo has shattered, stalling the evacuation plan to get people out of the city on buses. As eastern Aleppo lies in ruins, the reports of violence against the children of Aleppo signal a terrifying new chapter in the Syrian Crisis. 

A Story of Transformation
When Rachel’s husband died in 1994, he left her on her own with seven children to care for. “Day and night I prayed and asked God's help,” she remembers. “And God heard me.” Rachel went from being a desperate single mother to a business woman who...

A Story of Transformation
“I thank God for my sponsor,” says Adam, 17.   As a young boy, he was upset because he couldn’t go to school. With a large family, his parents couldn’t afford the textbooks, shoes or uniforms that were required.   Adam, in blue, smiles with his...

A Story of Transformation
Fatima has four children, two of whom are sponsored through World Vision. Thanks to sponsorship, “I feel that I have the information needed to protect my children,” Fatima says. “World Vision has changed our lives and has positively impacted the...

A Story of Transformation
Ovini, 15, is always at the top of her class. But it wasn’t easy for her to go to school. Her father didn’t earn a lot of money, so her parents were overjoyed when she was sponsored through World Vision at age seven. Ovini poses with her proud...

A Story of Transformation
When World Vision partnered with Isagehe, Ester was in a desperate situation, raising nine children on her own as a single mother. Despite her efforts to earn money, it was never enough. After she received a dairy cow from World Vision, it started...

A Story of Transformation
Boyd is a father of ten with a successful honey bee business in Kalomo. He was farming bees before World Vision partnered with the community, but his yields weren’t significant. “We were doing traditional bee farming,” he remembers. Boyd smiles...

Change Makers How do Canadians give?

Canadians are pretty generous - that's a fact. How do we know? We've got the numbers to prove it! 

Change Makers Canadians share joy with kids in Tanzania

In September a group of Canadians collected donations provided by friends, family, colleagues, doctors, and even dentists to give to children in Tanzania. Read more about what it was like seeing those donations distributed.

From the Field These Christmas gifts are human rights

This Human Rights Day, we're reflecting on a few gifts that offer hope for a better future, and can impact the lives of children and families forever.

From the Field Latrines help restore dignity for girls like Nimco

13-year-old Nimco lives in the Baki district of northwestern Somalia, an area of the country that’s been devastated by years of civil war. Her village had a serious shortage of latrines. Until recently, 70 per cent of people were relieving themselves outside, causing sanitation issues that led to sickness and even death.

From the Field Goats empower families out of poverty in Tanzania

We all gathered under a large Baobab tree in the community of Manonga, Tanzania. It seemed as though the whole community had come out to see us and share the progress they had made with their irrigation project.

Making Child Sponsorship a Family Affair
Passion and purpose drive Christy and Colin Zacharias in their life, but most especially in their 18-year commitment to World Vision.  Their efforts can vary in size and scope, from taking part in two World Vision-led trips to Africa, to sponsoring a...

From the Field Christmas sheep help families thrive in Mongolia
Dulamsuren is a 12 year-old girl in Mongolia. She lives with her family in this house, called a ger. A few winters ago, a blizzard devastated her father's herd of sheep and goats. 

From the Field Encounters with generosity
A first-hand account of one Ghanaian community's generosity by Cindy Cook-Leamen, who is a Child Sponsorship Ambassador.

From the Field These gifts transformed Rosemary's family

It all started when Rosemary's grandfather Danford received five goats in 2011. "Here comes the freedom," Danford said he told himself.

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