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Meghan Markle: Humanitarian and Global Citizen
Meghan Markle has long been involved in humanitarian efforts and charity work – from volunteering in soup kitchens as a teenager, to advocating for gender equality with the UN and raising awareness for the world’s most vulnerable children.  

Education > Child Marriage
World Vision’s support in areas such as Michila has been helping to eradicate harmful traditional practices like early marriage. Early marriage takes many victims in Zambia, but there is hope for girls and their futures. Photo: World..

Wonder Women of India
Less than a decade ago, young women from Faridkot were discouraged from pursuing education, let alone chase after a career of their dreams. From left to right: Amandeep (23) and her two sisters, Gurpreet (19) and Charanjeet (21). Photo:...

Melissa Joins Girls' Club
Melissa, 13, says that before participating in World Vision’s IGATE program, she didn't think she'd reach grade seven. Now she is confident she'll go on to secondary school. Photo: Sibusisiwe Ndlovu/World Vision IGATE stands for Improving... 

From Street Kid to Shining Star
The streets are dense, dusty and dirty. People hurry to the stations, boarding trains and busses to get to work on time. Amidst the hustle and bustle, a five-year-old girl sits quietly on the pavement beside mother. No one pays them...

Change Makers Meeting Malala: World Vision youth volunteers on empowering girls

Malala Yousafzai is a name that, by now, should need no introduction. The youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate, and a courageous champion for girls' right to education, she is a hero to girls everywhere.

My pregnancy made me grateful to be Canadian
It was four days after my 30th birthday. Looking down at the two lines on that little stick, I knew that my life had already begun changing in so many ways.

From the Field Early Marriage, Fistula & FGM: 3 Women Defy the Odds

The days seem few and far between where I don’t read a story in the news about a woman being oppressed or exploited somewhere in the world.

From the Field A father's love: fighting gender discrimination in India

In India, a father is one of the biggest advocates a girl can have.

A Special Space Helps Kids Love to Read
When Milagros remembers the old room in her house, she sees her notebooks and books lying on the floor, some even with food on them. “Sometimes, I saw the big mess, I did not want to s​tudy or read; I was not comfortable,” she recalls. “It was...

My trip to India was unforgettable and so is this shocking fact
Everyone knows Indian weddings are extravagant, colourful and dazzling. When I received the invite from one of my best friends to attend her “brother’s” wedding in India, I couldn’t say no.

From the Field 17 reasons to hope in 2017

Hope shines a light in the darkness. It’s infectious, even healing. But what is there to be hopeful for? Let’s look at the year ahead with 17 reasons to have hope in 2017.

Ready, Prepared and Looking Forward
Angela is active and chatty, with big black eyes and a playful look on her face. Like many kids in Romania’s rural areas, she didn’t have opportunities as a young child; the limits of her village were the limits of her universe. Every...

Standing up for Children's Rights Post-Ebola
In the wake of the Ebola crisis, many people—especially children—are still coming to terms with the events that unfolded.   Schools were closed for nine months, relatives and neighbours were lost, children weren’t allowed to play with their... 

A Story of Transformation
Ovini, 15, is always at the top of her class. But it wasn’t easy for her to go to school. Her father didn’t earn a lot of money, so her parents were overjoyed when she was sponsored through World Vision at age seven. Ovini poses with her proud...

From the Field These Christmas gifts are human rights

This Human Rights Day, we're reflecting on a few gifts that offer hope for a better future, and can impact the lives of children and families forever.

From the Field Latrines help restore dignity for girls like Nimco

13-year-old Nimco lives in the Baki district of northwestern Somalia, an area of the country that’s been devastated by years of civil war. Her village had a serious shortage of latrines. Until recently, 70 per cent of people were relieving themselves outside, causing sanitation issues that led to sickness and even death.

Change Makers Actress Laura Vandervoort launches jewelry line

In early 2015, Vandervoort went on the journey of a lifetime to Kenya, to see the different projects that World Vision offers the community.

Jennifer Turns Things Around at School
“I wasn’t interested in my classes,” says Jennifer. “At age ten I didn’t know how to read or write. I had been in the same grade for four years.” She would come to school late, leave early or skip class altogether to go buy sweets. Year after year... 

A New Path for Laiane
Laiane lives in Mundau and has been sponsored since she was nine. She didn’t used to communicate well, especially with her family. She didn’t talk to her parents much and always preferred to play in the streets. As she reached adolescence, Laiane’s...

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