Bitter Past, Better Future
Fulfilling a day in the life of typical working-class parents, 40-year-old Samnang* and his wife left their two girls, Chenda* and her younger sister at home. Upon their return, it was clear that something terrible had happened. Chenda was... 

Safety on Stage
“The drama scene is so much fun! I can also learn safety knowledge from it,” says nine-year-old Hui Ying, “I’ve taught my younger brother what I just learned.”  The third-grader lives in a small village. Her parents are migrant workers in...

Weaving a New Future
Bereket’s family was dependent on agriculture for food and income. But due to the lack of adequate agricultural land, the family wasn’t able to produce crops for food. Life was difficult and there were many struggles. Bereket working on his...

Education = Freedom
Education is a right, but it's not necessarily secured for children like Estefania, 12, who is without a birth certificate. Estefania was born in the Dominican Republic, not far from the Haitian border. Her parents left Haiti in search of a better...

Advisor's Encounter with Youth Sparks Discussion
“I was amazed to hear their stories and learn about the challenges and problems that children from Africa suffer,” says Mario Stephano, a World Vision Child Participation Advisor. He intended to meet young leaders from Ethiopia, Uganda and South...

Lucio Becomes a Leader
With each swing of his pickaxe, Lucio breaks the dry ground of his onion garden. He walks along the perimeter, gently uprooting the onions beneath his feet. Shaking off the loose dirt, he collects the fruits of his labor. Lucio is breaking... 

From Victim to Victory
While working her job in a bread factory, 13-year-old Joytun went into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. While nibbling her food, her scarf caught on the stove and a fire quickly enveloped the young girl in a cooking flame.  Joytun and her...

Child Labour to Soccer Player
14-year-old John lives with his mother and four siblings in a small, two-bedroom house near a coffee farm. There are many farms in his family’s region, as the economy is sustained by the production of beans widely traded in international... 

Recovery Happens in Child-Friendly Spaces
The sound of children singing and clapping their hands echoes in the hallways. Two volunteers are leading activities and playing with a group of children. Elders sit on the tables outside in the shade, wiping their brows under the hot Ecuadorian...

Change Makers Meeting Malala: World Vision youth volunteers on empowering girls

Malala Yousafzai is a name that, by now, should need no introduction. The youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate, and a courageous champion for girls' right to education, she is a hero to girls everywhere.

In the News Tackling mental illness in the world's toughest places

This year’s World Health Day theme is Depression: Let’s talk. As someone who has survived a mental illness, Megan Radford is glad the conversation is beginning -- especially for women in the world’s toughest places.

In the News Famine and hunger in East Africa: facts and images

In February, UN agencies declared a famine in parts of South Sudan. They estimated that 100,000 people faced immediate threat of starvation. They also raised a serious alarm that other regions in Africa are at risk of famine.

Special Features My pregnancy made me grateful to be Canadian
It was four days after my 30th birthday. Looking down at the two lines on that little stick, I knew that my life had already begun changing in so many ways.

From the Field Early Marriage, Fistula & FGM: 3 Women Defy the Odds

The days seem few and far between where I don’t read a story in the news about a woman being oppressed or exploited somewhere in the world.

How Child Sponsorship Works
Have you ever wondered just how we make sponsorship happen? Watch this behind-the-scenes video that takes you through the steps of child sponsorship. Thank you again for your support!  

From the Field A father's love: fighting gender discrimination in India

In India, a father is one of the biggest advocates a girl can have.

Co-operatives Help Moms Keep Kids Healthy
Moms in Aicha’s community are resilient, trying hard to provide for their families with very little.  Even so, despite their best efforts, many children suffer from malnutrition. Unemployment, lack of training and few ways to make...

Meet Daniel – Wheelchair Athlete and Aspiring Policeman
Daniel’s winning smile and sparkling eyes show no hint of his daily struggles.  Like most 13-year-old boys, he loves sports and playing with his friends. Perhaps unique from the average adolescent is Daniel’s appreciation for what life offers him...

Children Savor the Sweet Taste of Success
Zaza Ivanidze stands before a room full of pupils.He calls out questions and picks out hands.A child goes to the front of the room and is given a honeycomb to hold as Zaza points to different areas.Today’s lesson is on how honey was discovered years... 

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