It started with a well

Nov 10, 2016
By World Vision DRC; Edited by Katie Hackett

“Since I began participating in World Vision activities in the Simba community, I feel more confident,” says Mr. Lea.

He first came in contact with World Vision when a local staff member and health professional approached him about drilling a new well on his property.

“They told me that my house was located in an area affected by cholera,” he says. “So they wished to drill the well within my land to mitigate this epidemic, which breaks out in our area especially when we use unsafe water.”

After talking to his wife, Mr. Lea agreed to have the well drilled. He was invited to join the committee of community members who were trained to manage it and keep it in good working order.
As he got more involved from World Vision, he realized that other opportunities were available to him as well. He started a chicken breeding association with some other farmers.
“World Vision supported us with 100 chicks and four bags of chicks’ food. We added some food ourselves,” he says.

The group is now selling their chicks in the community and is hopeful about the new source of income.
“This money will help us to continue with the chicken breeding and take care of our families, especially since I am already advanced in age,” says Mr. Lea. “Thank you to World Vision for teaching me, and giving me a new vision and a hope.”

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