Water yields big results for Margaret's family

Oct 28, 2016
By Chris Huber; Edited by Katie Hackett

Margaret Sidi Daniel, 45, stands in the field near her home where she and her family grow cassava, papaya, tamarind and mango.

A few years ago, World Vision provided the community with a new well, pipeline and water system.

After years of traveling far distances to get water that wasn't safe, having clean water close by feels like a burden lifted.

"We felt so grateful because of going so far for water, and also that we're getting clean water," says Margaret.

Provide the gift of life with clean water and sanitation.

In the past, Margaret's family farmed just a half-acre of maize and couldn't produce enough to sustain themselves. With plenty of water now, and some training from World Vision, they have ramped up their production to six acres of maize, cowpeas, cassava, beans and various fruits" ample produce to both eat and sell at market.

Needless to say, the family's income has significantly improved.

"I'm not the only one benefitting," adds Margaret. "Other people in the community are benefitting, too."