The Many Gifts of Sponsorship

Sep 13, 2013
By Anna Sklar

Note to readers: While visiting their sponsored child in the Dominican Republic, Anna and her husband had the opportunity to observe some of the changes and developments taking place in his community. Anna writes more about that experience here.

As we drive down the bumpy, muddy road to the village where our sponsored child lives, we stop to visit a bell pepper nursery. The peppers are grown in a greenhouse and sold to provide funding for programs in the community, such as a preschool and a vocational school.

We enjoy the delicious aroma of success, and the sense of hope contained in the white fabric walls of the nursery.

Behind the greenhouse, we find pig pens and are told that when the gift of a pig is given to a family through World Vision, this is where the pigs come from. There are a couple dozen pigs running around, and again we see the hope that is available for people here.

In Oliver’s village, we drive by a school that was built in partnership with other organizations that are working in the area. 120 children are sponsored in the village and attend the school. More hope.

Later on, we visited a few other sites and saw how World Vision is partnering with local people to equip them in realizing a positive future. For example, we were introduced to many wonderful people who are working hard to ensure the cycle of poverty is broken.

During the day, we visited some of the Miches community offices, and met with the area director, her competent staff, and a few local pastors. There is much hope and sustainability found in the efforts of these people. They have a vision that reaches far beyond them and the years that they have to give to the programs they are implementing. They'll pass along a bright future to the ones who will come after them.

We also visited a preschool where a local woman runs programs to equip mothers in caring for their children, some of whom have special needs. The health of the children is monitored periodically to ensure they are developing as they should. 

This is the same for all the sponsored children of World Vision. Medical professionals check in with the children at least quarterly to assess their health and their needs.

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