The Impact of a Toilet

Nov 10, 2016
By World Vision India; Edited by Katie Hackett

Sanitation is lacking in many parts of the Faridabad community, and Razia's family was feeling the effects acutely. 

Her family of 12" including three adolescent girls" had no access to a toilet. They had to venture into the nearby jungle brush to relieve themselves, where they were vulnerable to herds of wild pigs.

The girls were teased by men and sometimes went two days without going, which caused health problems.

Since World Vision provided the family with a bio toilet (also known as a composting toilet), the situation has improved.

"This is the best thing World Vision has done for us,"  says Razia.

Now the family is free to use the toilet at any time. The children are healthier and the girls feel secure and protected.

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