A Story of Transformation

Dec 13, 2016
By Lina Qumsiyeh

Fatima has four children, two of whom are sponsored through World Vision.

Thanks to sponsorship, "I feel that I have the information needed to protect my children," Fatima says. "World Vision has changed our lives and has positively impacted the life of each member of my family."

The health training Fatima received may have even saved her newborn baby's life.

Because she had learned the signs of respiratory infection, Fatima sought medical attention right away when she saw Sara struggling. The doctor sent her to the hospital where she received the treatment she needed.

As for Fatima's older children, they are exploring their talents at the revitalized community centre and local school. Drawing, reading, and a computer lab are popular activities, and they have access to musical instruments and sports and recreation opportunities.

"World Vision invests in our children's capabilities, creates a loving and caring environment for them to live in, and give[s] them hope," Fatima says.

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