Next Level in Special Education

Jul 19, 2017
By Jose Luis Roca; Edited by Leanna Cappiello

Delia, 13, wants to go far in life, and dreams about traveling when she grows up.

Her world was limited to the small community in the lower valley of this region of Bolivia four years ago.

Delia has a hearing impairment. Despite her physical limitations and the unique challenges her family faces, she continues to learn with enthusiasm. She pursues her education in an audiological centre in the capital city of Bolivia, where she’s been receiving therapy for four years.

"When she can’t go to school, she is in a bad mood for failing to do her homework," says Delia’s sister, Felicidad. When their parents’ income is lacking, Felicidad will step in and care for her younger siblings, especially Delia

Of the 3,500 families sponsored by World Vision in this region, 200 of them are children with special circumstances. Children like Delia receive tailored supported based on their needs.

Big sister Felicidad describes Delia as "a very active and outgoing girl". Delia's mother, Maria, says that Delia "has no problem playing with children in the community." Maria also learned sign language to communicate better with her daughter. She is eager to see Delia fulfill her dreams.

Although Delia can't verbally express her appreciation to World Vision sponsors, her smile says it all.

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