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Muppets teach Syrian refugee children life-saving handwashing habits
A partnership between Sesame Workshop and World Vision is teaching young Syrian refugee children about safe drinking water, the importance of using latrines and good handwashing. 

From the Field Syrian Refugee Crisis: facts and how to help
For over five years, conflict has devastated Syria. Now the Syrian refugee crisis is recognized internationally  as the largest refugee crisis of our time. Explore facts about the Syrian refugee crisis and learn how you can help Syrian refugees.


Seeing Remedial Classes in Action
World Vision’s health care and education initiatives are making a difference in the West Bank Region. A group of students performing a song about the four seasons. Photo: World Vision Earlier this year, World Vision’s Programs Officer,...

From the Field 17 reasons to hope in 2017

Hope shines a light in the darkness. It’s infectious, even healing. But what is there to be hopeful for? Let’s look at the year ahead with 17 reasons to have hope in 2017.

In the News Syrian children from Aleppo build snowmen in a displacement camp

In a rare moment of winter cheer, these displaced Syrian children had some fun in the snow, north of the city of Aleppo. 

In the News 3 ways to remember Syria this Christmas

For years, our hearts have been broken by the conflict in Syria. This holiday season, the images of children hurt and even targeted by the violence, especially in Aleppo, seem almost too much to bear.

In the News Do something for Syrian refugees this Christmas

For years, our hearts have been broken by the conflict in Syria. As we near the holiday season, the images of children who have been hurt and even targeted by the violence, especially in Aleppo, seem almost too much to bear. 

From the Field Strength in heroic kindness
Hamza's dark and violent war stories are transformed into stories of kindness when his teachers at the early childhood education centre show him what it means to belong.

In the News Aleppo in ruins, World Vision calls for peace in Syria

The ceasefire in eastern Aleppo has shattered, stalling the evacuation plan to get people out of the city on buses. As eastern Aleppo lies in ruins, the reports of violence against the children of Aleppo signal a terrifying new chapter in the Syrian Crisis. 

A Story of Transformation
Fatima has four children, two of whom are sponsored through World Vision. Thanks to sponsorship, “I feel that I have the information needed to protect my children,” Fatima says. “World Vision has changed our lives and has positively impacted the...

From the Field Child friendly spaces help kids learn to be kids again

Children like Hamaad, Manal, Ahmed, Aman and Raqwa* have been through more terror before the age of 14 than most Canadians will endure in a lifetime. In fact, Iraq is now home to 3.3 million internally displaced people and 8.4 million people in need.

Raja's Road to Success
When Raja’s husband fell on his back at work, everything changed for their family. The injury rendered him unable to work, and the 34-year-old mom of three became responsible for their livelihood. “This accident changed our life and my destiny,”... 

Aisha Finds Her Purpose
After Aisha got married, her whole world seemed to close in. She had been teaching for a year at a local public school when she married a man from her village. But she was forced to give up her job when she started having children. “We lived by... 

From the Field A world of classrooms

As Canadian children get ready for back-to-school next week, they’re joining millions of children who are learning all around the world. Some study in school buildings with desks and chalkboards. Others learn under a tree, on a mountaintop, or in a refugee camp.  

From the Field Canadian children welcome Syrian refugees to Canada

In case you missed it, this is our most-viewed video ever!

Change Makers Honouring dads around the world

As Father's Day approaches, I wanted to learn how dads around the world encourage, mentor and care for their children. Looking through the World Vision photo database, I found dozens of men who go to immense lengths for their little ones.

Safe Places Where Children Can Heal
For months, there have been reports issued about Syrian children and their families who’ve been desperately trying to escape from the conflict in their country. World Vision president, Dave Toycen, returned last weekend from the...

Sharing Supplies and Support with Syrian Refugees
Working in communications with World Vision in Lebanon, I have visited dozens of Syrian refugees over the last year and a half. I have talked to them and shared their stories, and I am still in contact with many of them.  None of them,...

Families Seek New Homes in Lebanon
Syrian children are living a nightmare, as the largest humanitarian crisis in the northern hemisphere continues. Many have lost relatives and friends, and are fleeing violence in their homeland, often with only the clothes on their backs, to find...

From the Field Syria's moms: Real heroes

This Saturday, I got to meet real-life superheroes. They were refugee mothers, recently arrived from the Middle East having escaped Syria. All of them had come to a giant playdate organized by World Vision and the Mennonite Central Committee for their families. 

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