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Unleashing the power of the Super Tortilla

Families are fighting malnutrition in Honduras, with a new way of thinking about adding vegetables to the kids’ tortillas. Not rolled up inside, where they can be detected and avoided, but mashed into the actual dough.

From the Field A mother's strength and hope
Olivia wants the best for her two children, Julio and Tito. Julio wants to be a teacher one day and it is Olivia’s dream to see her son achieve his goal.

Four things I learned from spending Christmas far from “home”
A sandy Christmas can look pretty different from a white Christmas. But the spirit of giving and spending time with family is the same wherever you are.

Gift Catalogue blankets bring warmth against the chill
The gift of warm blankets is helping the children of this Bolivian community stay warm and healthy. 

How generosity can build the world
In the Dominican Republic, in slums pressed between vacation resorts, there is a café without tables, without chairs. You’ll never find it on Yelp. It's a café that taught me about true generosity.

In the News Earthquake in Mexico: Updates and facts
A second earthquake in Mexico has caused extensive damage and more than 200 casualties, including children. Hundreds are trapped inside partially collapsed buildings. 

In the News Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria: Updates and facts you need to know
Hurricane Irma has passed over islands in Latin America and the Caribbean, but Hurricane Maria is now braced to hit the Dominican Republic.

Arnoldo Teaches Child Rights
When parents become aware of their children’s rights, it gives kids a better sense of dignity and often motivates them in their studies. Photo: World Vision Arnoldo always had a passion for people. When World Vision first partnered with his... 

Educating Young Entrepreneurs
Students at World Vision's vocational training school learn how to become independent with hands-on education. One student learns to cut and style hair. Photo: Eugene Lee/World Vision The building functions as a community center near...

Korey meets Herberth: A Sponsor Visit Story
Korey with his soccer buddies, Herberth, Jose and their mother. Some World Vision staff joined them for a photo! I have been blessed with the opportunity to visit four of the five children I sponsor through World Vision. My command of the... 

Books and Beyond
Children gather at the reading club to improve their reading and social skills. Photo: Guy Vital-Herne/World Vision In rural Haiti, books are not readily available in the communities, and children don’t have many opportunities to practice...

Latin American Kids Learn about Canada
Children engaging in hands-on Q&A about World Vision Canada and how it supports Latin America. Photo: World Vision During a recent trip to Manos Unidas, World Vision’s Program Portfolio Manager, Chris Ortiz, was able to see the impact of...

Support at Home, Support at School
Six-year-old Kiria, like most children her age, loves to play more than anything else. This year, Kiria was enrolled in school for the first time. The transition was an overwhelming...

Toys Make Reading Fun
What’s small, cozy and specially designed for kids to improve reading habits? A toy library, of course! World Vision promotes reading spaces in homes to motivate children to study and develop the reading habits. Photo: Jonathan Del...

The Joy of Reading

Thanks to the IRCIB method, Valentina’s reading progress allows her to be transported into new worlds and new stories. She’s part of a.

The Principal of the Matter
In August 2015, Robert Edwards traveled with World Vision to Honduras as a Child Sponsorship Ambassador. During the trip, he had the chance to visit a local school and witness how passionate staff are changing the lives of students.  Smiling... 

Youth Seeking Development
The participants of the course belong to a network driven by World Vision, where they address issues of leadership, value formation and entrepreneurship. The aim is to support young people to expand their knowledge and undertake activities that allow them to generate sources of income.

"Backpack, Backpack!"
Nayeli (middle) talks about her great experience with the School Backpack project through her school. Photo: Ermira Simeqi/World Vision During Emira’s trip to Ecuador, she visited a school in Santa Ana. She met with students, teachers... 

A New Narrative for Fonseca
The town of Fonseca has been affected by conflict and poor educational facilities for years. Now, hope is reborn, and with the help of World Vision, locals write a new story for the children of this region. A new story is written for...

Next Level in Special Education
Maria helps Dalia with her homework every day. She even learned sign language to better communicate with her daughter. Photo: Jose Luis Roca/World Vision Delia, 13, wants to go far in life, and dreams about traveling when she grows up.... 

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