The World Vision Youth team is always ready to help you get started and provide support when you need it. Don’t be shy—reach out to one of our staffers below! 

young boys faces


Brianna Locke

  •  Western Region (British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta, Saskatchewan, North West Territories)
a blurred face of a child looking down


Justin Park

  •  Central Region (Manitoba, Ontario, Nunavut)
a close-up of a young girl holding up a small, hand-made doll


Leanne Prescott

  •  Eastern Region (Quebec, Atlantic Canada)
World Vision staff conducts an orientation for child ambassadors.

How our staff sets you up for success

  •  1-on-1 leadership development (how to build vision, character, influence, integrity, trust, and provide encouragement)
  •  Help you fill your required volunteer hours for courses, graduation, and school applications
  • Create opportunities for you to gain real-life experience (field trips, conference speaking, leading workshops, and sharing group and classroom presentations)
  •  Get in touch with one of our staffers!


Change Starts with You

Act on the issues you’re passionate about. We can help you take the first step.