What can you do? Mobilize grassroots movements. Learn how to be an effective advocate and activist. Use your passion to help others. Share your stories and speak up to amplify the voices of others. 

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National Youth Council

The World Vision Canada Youth Council at the inaugural Youth Vision Summit in Toronto, 2023.

The World Vision Canada Youth Council is a team of national advocates (age 18-24) with a mission to mobilize young Canadians to amplify and drive Canada’s role in humanitarian assistance and global development.

Council members advocate to Canada’s policy and decision makers on federal policies and programs. They equip themselves and other youth with the tools, community, and opportunities to become effective and skilled advocates on behalf of the world's most vulnerable children. Applications open each year from May to June. Each council term begins in September and ends in June.

Fill out the Get Involved form to indicate your interest to apply. Check out the council's work at @wvcancouncil and follow along!

National Campus Clubs and High School Clubs

Across Canadian schools and universities, students run World Vision Clubs to mobilize global change through thinking globally and acting locally in community. WV Clubs self-organize activities such as fundraisers for humanitarian aid or development programs, educational events like documentary screenings, or volunteering with local charities.

Our university clubs are active in: UBC, U Alberta, U Calgary, McGill, U Ottawa, MacMaster, York, Western, U of Guelph, and U Waterloo. Club representatives attend the National Youth Leadership Orientation each year at the WVC office to learn, network, and plan the annual national advocacy campaign.

If a student doesn’t see a WV club in their existing school, they are invited to start a club with support, tools, and resources from World Vision staff.

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Amplifying Children's Voices Digitally Program

📢💻 The "Amplifying Children's Voices Digitally" (ACVD) Program equips young Canadians (age 13-17) to drive change to social and environmental issues impacting young people globally using the power of digital tools! ✊🌍🌴 In 10 weekly online training sessions, students will learn to:

🗣️ Advocate and campaign for social issues
💬 Tell stories to influence change
🎤 Speak publicly
🎥 Conduct mobile journalism
📱Use digital tools to amplify children's voices
📝Write about issues effectively
🇧🇷🇧🇩 Connect with youth from Brazil/Bangladesh virtually to advance child rights

Participants will receive 15-20 volunteer hours and a certification upon program completion. Fill out the Get Involved form to join this global youth network in digital advocacy!

Climate Change Challenge and Earth Day Event

The impact of Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration in Tanzania between 2019 to 2022, facilitated by World Vision.

The Climate Change Challenge makes it fun and easy for Canadian youth to take action on the climate crisis. From March 19- April 22nd, participating youth will gain access to a series of climate-focused challenges through a web-based app. Each week, youth across the country will tackle the same challenge while striving to get each of their challenges sponsored at $25 or more. While youth complete challenges that directly affect the environment locally, the funds they raise will support a climate project in Chad that aims restore six hectares (equivalent to fifteen football fields) of land that was ravished by drought.

The end of the Climate Change Challenge will be marked with an Earth Day Event on Saturday April 20, 2024. Fill out the interest form above to get started.

Climate Challenge Committee

The Climate Challenge Committee at the 2023 World Vision National Youth Orientation.

The Climate Challenge Committee (CCC) are a group of high school student leaders mobilizing Canadian youth to put an end to climate change – one action at a time.

The committee directs and plans the WVC Climate Change Challenge with coaching from a staff. Members will be trained in public speaking, advocacy, and fundraising and receive hands-on experience. The committee is an 8-month commitment from September to April each academic year, including bi-weekly virtual meetings and task assignments.

Check out the committee's work at @wv_climate and follow along!

30 Hour Famine

Children enjoy the nutritious porridge served to them at an early childhood development centre operated by World Vision in Rwanda.

For nearly 50 million people around the world, extreme hunger is a part of daily life. The 30 Hour Famine is about making a small sacrifice for a massive impact. For 30 hours, give up something in your life and fundraise to support life-saving emergency food programs.

Learn more and start your group fundraiser at

Youth Vision Summit

Ashlyn Nguyen, the Chairperson of the World Vision Canada National Youth Council speaking at the 2023 Youth Vision Summit.

Co-hosted by World Vision Canada and their Youth Council, the annual Youth Vision Summit is for youth 14-24 years old looking to take their passion for social justice global. At the Summit, youth participants will:

• Build and sharpen their skills to advocate around global issues and influence Canadian policy

• Hear directly from youth around the world on solving disruption in education, child hunger, child exploitation, inequality, and more

• Help shape World Vision’s advocacy campaigns

• Network with impressive changemakers from the Global South, like-minded peers, and humanitarian practitioners to make valuable connections.

The 2024 summit will be held on May 11th, 2024 in Toronto with a virtual participation option (TBC). Fill out the interest form to be informed when registration opens.

You are the leaders of today and tomorrow. Get started on your global citizenship and advocacy journey with World Vision.