Advocacy Youth Political Advocacy Framework: A guide to youth engagement in politics
A step-by-step guide and toolkit for youth to engage in social activism, impact legislative change, and influence decision-making processes.

Advocacy How to help countries when they are in crisis
Sympathizing is nice, but what’s even better is stepping forward to take action to help children save their childhood. 

Advocacy Change starts here on student campuses
Driving global change is possible and powerful with local campus communities.

Advocacy How do we stop child labour? Perspectives from Mexico
Bridging the gap between youth and global issues

Advocacy Debunking the myths about child labour
By separating facts from myths, we can take more effective action to address child labour concerns to government and corporation authorities.

Advocacy The Beginner’s Guide to Social Justice
Social justice is grounded in the idea that every human being deserves the full spectrum of political, economic and social rights, and opportunities.

Child Sponsorship Make your own African fabric print
And learn something historically cool in the process!

Child Sponsorship 43 Awesome Ideas for Youth Fundraisers
Need a great idea for a youth fundraiser? Choose from our list of 43 easy-to-pull-off fundraising ideas in categories like food, sports, social events and more.