Make your own African fabric print
And learn something historically cool in the process!

43 Awesome Ideas for Youth Fundraisers
Need a great idea for a youth fundraiser? Choose from our list of 43 easy-to-pull-off fundraising ideas in categories like food, sports, social events and more.

Change Makers A world-changing idea: the Live Like Alex Water Walk

She led a life dedicated to making the world a better place. Though I never met Alex, I still consider her a role model of mine. Because of this experience, I've become inspired to make a difference in our world- and you can too. 

Change Makers Changing lives - starting with theirs
After a trip with World Vision to Honduras in 2015, mother-daughter duo Monica and Carolyn embarked on a mission to bring ethically-crafted items to the Canadian market. 

Advocacy The Beginner’s Guide to Social Justice
Social justice is grounded in the idea that every human being deserves the full spectrum of political, economic and social rights, and opportunities.