This is your time

Youth across Canada are making an impact by working together to:
  • coordinate national, student-led campaigns for #NoChildForSale;
  • participate in high-level Government of Canada advocacy action, including meeting with cabinet ministers;
  • volunteer to collect petitions for advocacy work and help fundraise;
  • and advocate for gender equality as part of the 1000 Day Journey.
two young women having a conversation.


We are advocates

two young men having fun outdoors.


We instigate change

a young woman wears a toga as she delivers a speech.


We speak hope

a group of volunteers preparing relief materials.


We mobilize our communities

A group of children have their arms wrapped around each other as they smile for the camera.

Change Starts with You

Act on the issues you’re passionate about. We can help you take the first step.


Your Action Gets Results

Think young people can’t make a difference? Think no one listens to what kids have to say? Think again. Here are three stories of youth raising their voices and finding their power.