Five minimalist Christmas gift ideas

Nov 28, 2017
It’s the most wonderful time of the year…except when it comes to buying a gift for that “I-don’t-need-anything” friend or “I-already-have-everything” nephew. I don’t know what your family’s Christmas gift giving traditions are but in mine we draw names out of a hat to determine which family member you get to buy for that year. The holidays often bring a lot of shopping angst. But don’t worry, here are 5 tricks I’ve learned when working with a nimble budget and shopping for someone who has it all.
1. Food. Meals and treats bring a smile to even the Scroogiest gift receiver. Whether it’s coffee, exotic cheeses or a cheap-as-chips (literally) bag of their favourite guilty pleasure, yummy things usually don't get wasted. 
2. DIY. Homemade options are endless if you use a little imagination and a lot of Pinterest. Pinecone ornaments, a hand-painted mug or a fun card can add a personal touch to the usual holiday offerings. 
3. Donations. Making a charitable donation will not only bring the giver and receiver joy, but will be appreciated by someone in need as well. World Vision’s gift catalogue is a great place to find unique gifts that make a lasting impact. From goats to school supplies to bicycle repair kits, each gift will make a difference and there’s something for everyone on your list. My go-to are the goats, check out this article about how they can transform families for generations.
4. Time. Whether it’s spending an afternoon building a snowman with your kids or taking a friend out for lunch, setting aside some time for a loved one could be the best gift you give this season. The key is giving them your undivided attention so think about leaving your phone at home.
5. Service. Providing a service can be a big help for those in your life who rarely take time for themselves. You could dog-sit for a friend, give a busy mom a day at the spa or clean your dad’s car. Frazzled parents of young kids would all agree that if someone gave us the gift of watching our kids for a day so we could have a date-day together, that would be the ultimate gift. Showing someone you care in an active way is a gift they won’t forget.
Not only are these options economical, timesaving and stress busting, they can carry with them a personal touch that makes them deeply meaningful. They say “I care” in a way that can deepen (and even repair) connections with the people you love most this Christmas. 
With files from Fifth Story.