The minimum age is 13. All Famine participants need to sign the 30 Hour Famine Waiver. Participants aged 13 to 18 need to have a parent or guardian sign the waiver.

You can do the Famine as a group or as an individual. You’ll find options at the Register page. People can donate to you as an individual, to your group, or simply to the Famine cause on our Donate Now page

Every person doing the Famine is encouraged to register online. Less hassle for you, and more money saved for fighting global hunger! It's safe and secure.

You pick the date! Feel free to choose a date and time that works best for you!

Deposit all cash into your own personal account and issue a cheque to World Vision Canada for the total amount. Then, log in to your account and from the Participant Centre, at the top bar, click "Offline Pledges." Here you can add offline donations. Please remember to mail in your pledge forms and any cheques once you have completed this process. Do not mail cash.

World Vision Canada 30 Hour Famine

Attn: Church Engagement

1 World Drive Mississauga, ON L5T 2Y4

Make sure the cheque is issued to “World Vision Canada.” Log in to your account, and from the Participant Centre, click “Offline Pledges.” Enter the donor details and select "Cheque." Mail the cheques to the address listed below with your pledge sheet.

World Vision Canada 30 Hour Famine

Attn: Church Engagement

1 World Drive Mississauga, ON L5T 2Y4

Creating an overnight experience with your team is amazing! However, you are not required to stay together.

Please be sensitive to your participants. Everyone’s health and safety is most important. Most people can safely go without food for 30 hours, but there are people who shouldn’t — kids under 12, the elderly, pregnant or nursing women, and people with certain medical conditions. If you have any concerns about fasting, be sure to check with a doctor. Also, individuals or groups can choose alternatives to giving up food and still be part of the experience. Consider giving up technology, social media, coffee and snacks, or whatever would be meaningful for you.

Yes, but check with your school administrator. They will be able to tell you if the 30 Hour Famine counts toward your community service hours. Download a form and have your teacher sign it. 

Absolutely. Justice never stops, so keep fundraising! We encourage people to listen to their hearts and be courageous in pursuing their desires. One way you can continue to support children beyond the 30 Hour Famine is through child sponsorship. For over 60 years, Canadians have been coming alongside children and helping them improve their lives through monthly donations. The relationship created allow families and whole communities to implement long-term, lasting development. Lives are changed, including your own! 

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to tackling the causes of poverty and injustice, working with children, families and their communities to help them reach their full potential.

Motivated by our faith, we serve alongside the poor and oppressed as an expression of God’s unconditional love. We serve all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. Visit to learn more.

Through the Famine, participants learn about real-world issues of poverty and injustice and get the chance to make a real difference for hungry children. Hopefully, their own lives are transformed as they experience hunger firsthand — going without food so others don’t have to. As well, the Famine can help students achieve the community service hours they need to graduate. And for student leaders, helping coordinate an event like the Famine looks great on college and university applications!

All 30 Hour Famine materials were created for the exclusive purpose of helping your group raise funds for World Vision’s programs. We ask that you not use these materials for any other purpose without World Vision’s express written consent — including sending all or part of the Famine funds you raise to another organization. Thank you.

Yes, you can. Leaders can register their group members online. Immediately after you register yourself, click "add participant," and follow the steps in the registration process.

Email with the information you want changed if this information is incorrect

Email with the information you want changed.

We love questions! Email us at or call 1.888.8FAMINE (1.888.832.6463). There is also an FAQ section on your team or personal page, under “Help.”