Sponsor a child in the DRC

Start a life-changing journey today.


You can sponsor a child from the Democratic Republic of Congo today. 

Child sponsorship is not new, with more than 60 years of proven experience. But it’s actually a radical choice for good when Canadians commit to monthly donations in support of others half way around the world.  


Your donations are pooled with those of other sponsors to help all children in a region – not just those who have sponsors. Thanks to the monthly funding, communities can invest in sustainable long-term development, in areas such as food, water, health care, education and income generation.

Three program phases

BUILD THE FOUNDATION.  In early days, we partner with community members to understand their needs, goals and resources. We work together to find long-term solutions to challenges.
EVALUATE AND GROW. As time passes, we work with the community to adjust plans and stay focused on goals. Community members increasingly take ownership for their own development.
ENHANCE SUSTAINABILITY.  As the Canadian sponsor-local community partnership matures, we work with local leaders and families to ensure that improvements for children continue over the long-term.