Hunger is unjust


It robs children of health, energy and education.

Hunger is unjust.


It robs children of health, energy and education.

Hunger is unjust


It robs children of health, energy and education.

It’s concerning that global hunger is growing today

In 2021, an estimated 957 million people across 93 countries did not have enough to eat, according to the UN World Food Programme. A stark increase from 820 million people in 2018.
It’s in the places where life is hardest that hunger persists and grows – worsened by global threats such as climate change, conflict, poverty and the pandemic. And it’s in these very places that your 30 Hour Famine event funds go to work.

How World Vision helps address hunger

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When tragedy strikes, children and women suffer hunger disproportionately. Emergency food saves young lives and gives mothers strength to provide for families.

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We can’t defeat hunger if we don’t work strategically with others. World Vision is the World Food Programme’s biggest partner, delivering food aid to those in need.

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Local people are key. Providing families with essential items like drought-resistant seeds and teaching them improved farming techniques help them produce a more stable food supply.

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We help build sustainable futures through programs like farmers’ associations, community grain banks, and access to loans for increasing farm production.


One out of every nine people don’t get enough to eat


Hunger is a daily reality for more than 800 million people in the world. What causes it and how can you help alleviate it?

Children, like Marie, and their families benefit greatly from funds you help to raise

Where the funds go

In partnership with the World Food Programme, every $60 raised helps provide food for a family for one year. A key focus for this year’s funds is meeting the immediate and long-term nutritional needs of children across several countries.

Or why not take it a step further by sponsoring a child? Your monthly donation helps create a steady stream of funding, so communities can implement long-term solutions to poverty.