Why Hunger? Why Justice?

Hunger robs children of health, of energy, or education. Hunger is unjust.

And the latest unjust hunger twist — hunger is growing today.

Hunger has grown the past two years. In 2017, there were six million more hungry people worldwide than the year before.
We know how to address hunger. During the 25 years before 2017, hunger had declined by 20 per cent, thanks to economic growth and the efforts of people like you.
It’s in the places where life is hardest — due to things like changing weather patterns, conflict, and the failure of political and economic systems — that hunger persists and grows. And it’s in these very places that your Famine funds go to work.
Our generation can eradicate hunger if we keep up the fight. It’s a matter of justice.


How World Vision addresses hunger

young boys faces


When tragedy strikes, children and women suffer hunger disproportionately. Emergency food saves young lives and gives mothers strength to provide for families.

a blurred face of a child looking down


We can’t defeat hunger if we don’t work strategically with others. World Vision is the World Food Programme’s largest partner, delivering food aid to those in need.

a close-up of a young girl holding up a small, hand-made doll


Local people are key. Providing families with things like drought-resistant seeds and improved farming techniques helps them create their own food security.

a reflection of a young child in a mirror


We help build sustainable futures through programs like farmers’ associations, community grain banks, and access to loans for increasing farm production.


Hunger: a daily reality for more than 800 million people

One in every nine people regularly does not get enough food to eat. Learn more about global hunger, its causes and solutions.

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Children, like Marie, and their families benefit greatly from funds you help to raise

Your Famine funds

In partnership with the World Food Programme, every $60 raised helps provide food for a family for one year. A key focus for this year’s funds is meeting the immediate and long-term nutritional needs of children in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and other countries: children like Marie, pictured here and featured in this year’s videos.

New this year!

Go a radical step beyond the 30 Hour Famine and sponsor a child in the DRC. Your monthly donation helps create a steady stream of funding so communities can implement long-term solutions to poverty.