Safe & Clean Drinking Water

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Water is fundamental to life. In areas where it is scarce, children and families are forced to spend hours every day collecting and carrying water. The water may be contaminated with deadly bacteria or parasites. Tragically, hundreds die from drinking dirty water every day. They have no choice - they must drink from the only source of water they have.

Access to safe water provides:
  • Hope: A well can reduce child mortality in a community by 65%
  • Health: 80% of disease in the developing world is related to contaminated water and poor sanitation
  • Food: Irrigation increases yields of most crops by 100% to 400%
  • Education: Access to water frees children's time to attend class
  • Joy: Time once lost to water collection and illness can now be spent in better ways: learning, playing and growing up
Your clean water charity support will provide children and families with access to safe, clean water through projects like the construction of wells, boreholes, pipelines and programs like education in hygiene and sanitation.

Donate now to provide a community with safe water.


Life-Saving Water Projects

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World Vision Canada anticipates raising $412 million in total revenue for its community development, emergency relief and advocacy work, of which approximately 15.9% will be used for necessary fundraising.

In cases where donations exceed what is needed or where local conditions prevent program implementation, World Vision Canada will redirect funds to similar activities to help people in need.

World Vision Canada is federally incorporated and located in Mississauga, Ontario.

For more information, or for a copy of our latest audited financial statements, please visit our website at www.worldvision.ca or contact Director, Supporter Care at 1 800 844-7993.



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