Let World Vision be your Business Solution partner.

Donate your products to help children, families, and communities in need around the world.

  • World Vision is a fast, efficient and responsible business solution, with excellent supply chain management
  • We provide strong logistics infrastructure and last-mile delivery
  • We are your preferred partner for your company's produce-to-give and repurposed inventory initiatives

Partnering Together for Good


  • We are Canada's largest charitable international development agency
    with over 500,000 loyal Canadian supporters
  • Leverage our brand and media assets
  • Provide impact stories to inspire your customers


  • Reduce the cost to hold, transport, and carry additional inventory
  • Reduce disposal cost
  • Reduce overhead cost


  • Strengthen your corporate brand and supply chain's sustainability
  • Attract customers, increase customer loyalty and boost employee morale
  • Deepen your social impact


  • Donations may be eligible for tax relief
  • To learn more about tax deductions for charitable gifts from your company's inventory, please visit the CRA website.

Essential Needs


"At McCarthy Uniforms we believe in the power of uniforms to create communities that work, learn and play together. Part of this mission is advancing opportunities for students and workers, globally and, wherever possible, we use our resources to make the world a better place"

Vanessa Iarocci, President, McCarthy Uniforms Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

World Vision does not accept used products of any kind, and we do not accept any products from individuals or households.

We want to treat children and families with dignity. Used household products (e.g. clothing, footwear, toys, etc.) require sanitizing, sorting, qualifying, classifying, and repackaging. We have found that it is far more effective and impactful for us to accept new and large quantities of products from companies which will enable us to save cost and maximize funds to support programs.

In fact, we increasingly integrate donated products into community development programs in the same manner as cash resources. Donated products can be of great use in emergency relief situations, but most donated products currently compliment development activities. Our field staff assess needs and request for specific resources to support specific programs.

For example, medicines and micronutrients are used to improve access to quality essential medicines and support maternal and child health programs. Donated books are used to establish or stock school libraries, resource centers and boost literacy in communities. Specialized equipment and tools can assist entrepreneurs and small businesses to flourish.

We send donated products to support our programs all around the world.

In many cases, there is no local production of similar quality goods, thereby eliminating much of the concern for competing with local companies. Our donated products are distributed over large geographical areas so that no single resource plays a significant role in the local economy. We are also careful to monitor the amount of donated products that enter a community to prevent them from adversely affecting local businesses or donors.

When resources are available, accessible and affordable in a country, we prefer that they are purchased locally instead of needlessly paying shipping and handling costs.

We are proud to be a leader in fundraising in Canada and are committed to following the regulations set out by the Canada Revenue Agency. It is the same benefit for a company to write off a gift-in-kind donation from its inventory as it is to receive a tax receipt for cash donation.

To learn more about tax deductions for charitable gifts from your company's inventory, please visit the CRA website.

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