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Change Makers #HiddenHero: Teaming up to stop the spread of the virus
In the midst of a crisis, a pastor and an imam teamed up to help prevent the spread of the virus to their communities.
Change Makers Hidden in plain sight: A different kind of hero
World Vision has a history of responding in a crisis. Meet six heroes from our history who had extraordinary impact.
Change Makers #HiddenHero: Priscillia is an agent of change in her community
At just 12 years old, Priscillia is using her advocacy training to share coronavirus prevention messages with her friends and neighbours in Camp Bili, a refugee camp in Democratic Republic of Congo, and she's making a difference.
Voices #HiddenHero: Delivering food assistance in South Sudan amid COVID-19
Emilienne Cyuzuzo is leading a team in South Sudan to quickly and safely deliver much needed food assistance to displaced families during COVID-19.
In the News #HiddenHero: Former sponsored child on the frontlines of COVID-19
Former sponsored child Lenny Lyn is part of the fight against her generation’s biggest threat yet: COVID-19.
There’s a hidden hero in all of us
In times of adversity, ordinary Canadians rise to the occasion. These hidden heroes often go unnoticed, but their stories are worth sharing. Tell us your story.