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From the Field The many faces of Christmas around the world
Children all over the world celebrate Christmas. Learn more about different Christmas traditions in different countries.
Hunted by Hunger
As drought wreaks havoc in Afghanistan, Gulbibi gently rocks a cradle inside of the small tent she now calls home. 
Hunted by Hunger
Almost three months ago she and her family of five were forced to leave their home province due to hunger and drought. Learn more about her story.
Motivated by Motherhood
In Iraq, women often face challenges finding work. Goran is overcoming the odds to help citizens receive the medicine they need.

Rachel Wolff: Leading from the frontlines in the Rohingya refugee crisis
Every day, children face the risk of abuse, neglect and exploitation in the world’s largest refugee camp. Rachel is helping combat this.
A calling to strengthen family bonds
Doris strives to create strong relationships between parents and children in Bolivia. See how.
When water makes a homeland liveable again
Thanks to caring donors like you, World Vision was able to rehabilitate the destroyed village borehole, giving the families here a fighting chance of resurrecting their community.