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5 things I've learned from only eating ethical chocolate

I absolutely love chocolate, but I have decided to make a choice to start eating only ethically sourced chocolate.

From the Field These young women are paving the way for youth participation in Bolivia
As members of a youth network supported by World Vision, Viviana, Giovanna and Beatrice have changed lives in the community of Nueva Esperanza, Bolivia.

From the Field Our favourite photos of 2017
Check out this year's seasonal snapshots: World Vision Canada's highlight reel!

Change Makers A world-changing idea: the Live Like Alex Water Walk

She led a life dedicated to making the world a better place. Though I never met Alex, I still consider her a role model of mine. Because of this experience, I've become inspired to make a difference in our world- and you can too. 

Change Makers What food insecurity means to teenagers like Jennifer

It was at a youth forum where I met Jennifer, a World Vision Kenya volunteer. By the age of nine Jennifer was expected to work every day or go hungry. This Day of the Girl, I’m remembering Jennifer’s courageous commitment to a Hunger Free world, and I’m even more determined to join her in making that a reality. 

Youth Seeking Development
The participants of the course belong to a network driven by World Vision, where they address issues of leadership, value formation and entrepreneurship. The aim is to support young people to expand their knowledge and undertake activities that allow them to generate sources of income.

Educating Mothers on Malnutrition
Malnutrition threatens the lives of children under the age of five in the Timor community. Physical stunting and developmental delays become all too common when children don’t receive proper nourishment. In the fall of 2011, Satrio was... 

From the Field Equipping teens for adulthood in El Salvador

I was in El Salvador when I met Edwin, who is not much younger than my own son Aidan. Although the two boys have similar commitments to their education, I quickly realized as I listened to Edwin’s story that the hurdles he faces to achieve this basic right were far different than my son’s.

Voices Meeting Malala: World Vision youth volunteers on empowering girls

Malala Yousafzai is a name that, by now, should need no introduction. The youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate, and a courageous champion for girls' right to education, she is a hero to girls everywhere.

More than Practice Leaders
We are practicing at being leaders in the future,” says Prakash, a 16-year-old boy from Doti East. We’re sitting in a low-roofed building close to the high school campus, where Prakash is the chairperson of the “child club.”

The room is filled...

Joyce Avoids Her "Last Resort"
At age 18, Joyce was in a bad place. Her parents had stopped supporting her education and were pressuring her to get married. But Joyce had ambition. She wanted to keep studying. Unfortunately she didn’t have any money for her daily needs, let...

From the Field Prarthana’s wish: story of a young teacher
Prathana (13) gives her time and skills reading to children in her neighbourhood, to help improve their reading skills and provide mentorship.

Marching for Children's Rights in Morne Pelee
A youth march in Morne Pelee brought community members together to raise awareness about children’s rights and violence against children. Youth carry signs with messages like, “Children are the country’s future” and “Send children to school for a...

A New World for Karina
Through artistic and cultural activities, youth like Karina are developing confidence and a stronger sense of identity in Bom Jardim. Sponsored child Karina says she’s learned great life lessons through World Vision’s contributions in the..

Oscar Takes on a Personal Cause: Child Abuse
Meet law student Oscar Zamora, age 24. He’s been volunteering with World Vision since 2012, raising awareness about important issues like hunger and child abuse. Abuse of children—particularly domestic abuse—is a problem in Nicaragua that Oscar is...

Joel Victor's New Venture
Joel Victor, 17, is from Renacer. He recently went through an entrepreneurship course with World Vision’s support. Learn about his newly “planted” business venture. I am 17 years old, living with my parents and two sisters. Since I was very young, I...

A Reputation for Quality
At the age of 11, Priya made a decision to be “independent” when she grew up. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. She only knew she wanted to have her own source of income. "Although my parents worked on the tea estate, they did other things too...

In the News In the Philippines, Kaye rises above the storm

Kaye has a smile that puts you at ease right away. The 14-year-old student made friends easily when she transferred to a new school several years ago. Smart, driven, and kind, she was an instant favourite with teachers and her peers.