There’s a hidden hero in all of us

When disasters strike at home and abroad, everyday Canadians are always among the first to respond. 

From refugee crises and famines, to outbreaks, natural disasters and wars, Canadians can be found rallying each other to lend a hand. Sending relief supplies to affected communities. Spreading the word about the injustice of poverty. Challenging our government to help create a better world in which all children can thrive – not just survive.

Today, we face a new crisis of global proportions unlike anything we’ve faced before. Across the headlines, COVID-19 threatens to upend nations, communities and families. 

And once again, Canadians responded as they always have – with courage, hope and love. Whether you work from home or on the frontlines, volunteer in your community, stand up for the most vulnerable, or raise your voice to make sure that others are heard, your ordinary actions here at home are helping to make worldwide change. 

Everywhere, hidden heroes have risen up in the face of adversity. Their stories – your stories – are a living testament to what we can overcome when we stand together as one. Tell us about the extraordinary impact your hidden hero has made in your life.