Water and toilets: Essentials for learning!

May 01, 2018
Hassana fills a bucket of water at school while her friend takes a drink. Photo: World Vision

Written by: World Vision Niger; Edited by Katie Hackett

Hassana’s school days look a lot different now that her primary school has its own water and sanitation facilities.
“We have drinking water that’s clean and tastes good,” she says.

In the past, students were responsible for collecting water for school needs. If they got thirsty during the day, the long walk took them away from class and teachers complained about absenteeism.

The new water system has given children the ability to focus on their studies. Beyond that, latrines and handwashing stations mean Hassana and her friends don’t relieve themselves in the bushes anymore which, beyond health and sanitation concerns was “too embarrassing.”

“Today I am very happy,” Hassana says. “I wash my hands with water and soap. I go back to class healthy.”
Provide the gift of life with clean water and sanitation.