One stitch at a time

Updated Nov 20, 2017

We all know strong women. Women who exemplify a kind, courageous spirit and the will to do better for themselves and their families. In communities around the world, World Vision works alongside these ambitious women to give them the tools they need to be successful entrepreneurs.

Take, for example, Yupita from Indonesia. Yupita started out as a make-up artist for brides. Although she loved her work, she’d always had a desire to pursue more, and quickly signed up when she was offered the chance to be trained in sewing. A natural-born leader, it wasn’t long before Yupita became the head of her small sewing group.

Unexpected Allies

Committed to their success, the group often stayed late into the evening to finish their work. But the long hours posed an interesting problem—who was left to take care of their children?
Traditionally, communities like Yupita’s would expect women to assume the lead role at home, being perpetually present to care for their children and husbands.

But when the issue confronted Yupita’s sewing group, it was the husbands who stepped up to task. Seeing their wives pursue their dreams, bettering both themselves and their families, motivated the men to take on more responsibilities at home, caring for their children and tackling household chores. 
This support empowered the women to keep following their dreams, knowing everything was taken care of at home.

Business is Booming
As their workload grew, the women submitted a proposal to World Vision for funding to buy more electric sewing machines. These would allow the group to finish projects faster than the manual machines they were working with before. 

When the proposal was approved, the women were overjoyed. Now, with increased capacity and new efficient machines, the group could take on more customers and earn more income.

Sewing groups like this give women valuable opportunities to start their own business. Photo: World Vision

The group has since expanded their clientele, and even won some business from a uniform company.  In fact, they’ve had so much work come their way they’ve even had to outsource.  They’re hoping to upgrade their machines again in the future to help them keep up with demand.

Yupita’s sewing group always had the drive to achieve; they just needed the tools and support to help them succeed. With this new source of income and support from their partners at home, Yupita’s sewing group are stitching together a new pattern for their future.