Meet these amazing people in Laos

Mar 16, 2023

Children and families from the two communities we support in Laos—Nhommalate and Xebangfay, are thriving. See them in action through some of the photos we’ve captured to learn more. Hover over the photos below.

Children and families from the two communities we support in Laos—Nhommalate and Xebangfay, are thriving. See them in action through some of the photos we’ve captured to learn more. Click on the photos below.

It's more than just a duck

A man and his toddler smile posing in front of their chickens and ducks.

Mr. Thit, 29 years old, lives in Chakuan village with his 3 children and wife. In the past Thit’s family would go without rice for 6 months out of the year due to droughts and floods and lack of resources. Here a duck is more than just a duck. In order to provide a sustainable food source for his wife and three children, Thit received supplies to build a coop along with ducks. The ducks supply eggs for consumption and can also be sold for extra income. He currently spends his days tending to the animals and selling eggs in the local market.

“I would like to thank World Vision for giving my family an opportunity to improve our lives by raising ducks. Right now, there are 2 female ducks that are giving eggs. It is expected to have more new ducklings soon. I am excited to see them.”

Counselling is improving health at Senoy Village for women and children

Three women are sitting and talking under a shaded covering.

Ms. Phouva (wearing red shirt on the right) is a 38-year-old village health volunteer in Senoy. This village’s remote location often makes it difficult for locals to access health care services, which led to poor hygiene practices and malnutrition in children. The counselling Ms. Phouva provides aims to train and equip women and families into raising healthy children. They learn about good hygiene practices, the value of nutritious meals, and how to monitor their children’s development.

She said, “I am delighted that World Vision has supported for years. I have seen many children and mothers in the target village get healthier and stronger comparing to the past. I hope that the project will continue the best work in the target villages further."

Seeds are making an impact for Mrs. Hing’s family and community!

A mother and her two children stand in the middle of their produce.

Vegetables can change lives! Mrs. Hing, 31, farms and cares for her two children and husband. She lives in Chakuan village, where her family used to classify as one of the most vulnerable families. By receiving farming equipment and seeds, Mrs. Hing is now able to grow vegetables and sell them at the market. It may not seem like a lot, but these vegetables are supporting a nutritious diet and generating income to pay for her children’s education.

“Greetings, I am Hing. I would like to thank World Vision that improved my family’s life and helps us have more income from selling produce from my field. I received vegetable seeds from the project, such as long bean, spring onion, and others as well as gardening materials including 1 spade, 1 rake, shading net, plastic can, bucket and etc.”

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