Little black boots

Updated Feb 27, 2018
Written by Joyce Zhao; edited by Leanna Cappiello

Blow, blow the icy wind.
Freeze, freeze the winter sky.
Little ones rubbing their hands,
And stomping their feet;
Giggling, their noses bright red.
Children in China experience winter weather, much like Canadian kids. When the temperatures hit below freezing, we layer feather coats, winter boots and fleece mittens to keep little fingers and toes warm.
But in certain Chinese provinces, kids don’t have access to the same warmth and protection. With temperatures hitting below zero and no proper heating sources, simple tasks like walking to school, washing your hands and holding a pencil become harder than they need to be. These issues stand in the way of healthy classroom learning and good hygiene practices.

The kids in the province of Shanxi are no exception. But there’s good news: the arrival of warm and soft winter boots—donated by TOMS and delivered by World Vision—mean coziness is coming.
Five children from China pose with their brand new winter boots in front of a blackboard.
Fuzzy lining, warm interior, durable soles: this is the anatomy of a sturdy pair of TOMS boots.
TOMS shoes, a loyal partner with World Vision, works to improve the lives of children in the most difficult places for a better tomorrow, staring with essential footwear. With every purchased pair of TOMS shoes in North America, a pair of shoes is donated to a child in need, One for One.
Now, while children in Canada are layering up and stepping into their winter boots, they can think of their peers in China, bundling up with them.
Protect children from the cold with warm winter clothing.
“I feel warm, happy and excited, since there are people caring for us,” says Jia Qi, one young student, sporting his new footwear. “Now I don’t need to worry about water getting into my shoes while walking on muddy roads on rainy days. They’re also good to wear when I play sports.”
Having proper winter shoes allows for more freedom to play, keeping little feet warm and dry. Yu Chen, an 11-year-old student adds, “I had only one pair of sports shoes to wear the whole winter in the past. Now, I have new, warm shoes,” he says. “I am very happy.”