Jaciele gets by with a little help from her friends

Updated Nov 20, 2017

Written by Cattleya Lopes; Edited by Sarah Bartley

As children in Canada head back to school and into a new grade, many parents make a mad dash to pick up the school supplies their kids will need to be successful.  We want our children to be prepared - and while we may not consider this - when kids have the school supplies they need, it helps them to fit in with their peers.

When the start of the school year rolled around in Brazil, six-year-old Jaciele was excited to begin her education. Her mother, Marizete, was less thrilled. Although education itself in the country is free, other requirements such as uniforms and books are not. For families like Jaciele’s, the associated costs of attending school are often far beyond their means.

Marizete felt embarrassed thinking that her daughter wouldn’t have the same things as the other kids in school, and opted not to send her at all.

Teachers from the school visited Jaciele often, hoping to change her mother’s mind. Jaciele hoped her mind would change, too. More than anything, the young girl wanted to go to school.

Opportunity knocks

Not long after Marizete’s initial decision, World Vision began working with her community through sponsorship. Through the combined effort of their generous giving, sponsors began to improve access to education for kids like Jaciele, providing families the extra resources they needed.

“I let my daughter study, but I did not have the money to buy her notebooks,” says Maritzete.  “I’m thankful World Vision helped me with the donation of school supplies, so my daughter could start classes.”

The future is bright

Today, Jaciele sits front and centre in her class, ready to take on the world. An avid reader and budding artist, Jaciele knows she has a bright future ahead of her.

“It was very bad not to study, I was sad and I only stayed at home,” she says of the past. “Today, I have many friends and I really enjoy playing with them in school.” 

Her teacher, Renata, is glad to finally see Jaciele sitting in her classroom.

“She is a lovely and very intelligent girl,” she says. “And I thank World Vision for helping her mother see the importance of education for her child's life.”