Awa becomes a “working woman”

May 01, 2018
Written by: World Vision Senegal; Edited by Katie Hackett
Like many women in Kounkane, Awa used to spend her days as a housewife. She was responsible for domestic chores but had no way of earning money.
“It was difficult to live and take care of our children just with my husband’s income,” Awa says. “I realized I needed another source of income to support my husband, so I quickly seized the opportunity offered by World Vision.”

To support parents like Awa, World Vision helped their village start a community garden. Today she cultivates vegetables like okra and peppers, which provide nutritious food for her children with enough left over to sell.
“We have diversified our diets through crops,” she says. “I became a working woman, and I am confident that I can count on my earnings to live and care for my children.”
Help a hardworking family provide for their children. Invest in a small business.