Sponsorship has taught me is a thankful heart

“What Sponsorship has taught me is a thankful heart.” These are the words of Stephen Woo, a Child Sponsorship Ambassador from Richmond Hill, Ontario.
On his first trip with World Vision, Stephen met Moono, a nine-year-old girl from Zambia. It was dry season in her country, so she and her family could only eat every few days. “When she finished cooking, she didn’t begin eating immediately,” recalls Stephen, “she did a prayer instead.”
Though he was a self-proclaimed amateur, Moono’s thankful heart inspired Stephen’s next few social justice initiatives, including traveling with World Vision’s Sponsorship Ambassador program, hosting a photo exhibit featuring communities and families he’d met and becoming lead fundraiser for the Global 6K, a six-kilometre run/walk event that replicates the distance many children have to travel to find drinking water.
“I’m not a sports guy. I have no experience. I’ve never done a run,” says Stephen candidly. It just goes to show what one thankful heart can inspire.
We know that we wouldn’t be as effective without ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Stephen is just one example in our network of volunteers, churches and celebrities who partner to make transformation possible.
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