Inspiring to empower

Updated Jul 19, 2019
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The story of the 18-year-old Syrian-Armenian who encourages other young people to have their voices heard 

A co-founder in a successful youth organization.  

A project manager for an international grant supporting Syrian refugees.  

An advanced student at Yerevan State Economic University, in Armenia   

Above all, a leader.  

This is the story of 18-year-old Maga, a former sponsored child who transformed her life with the help of World Vision and today inspires and encourages other young people to change their community. 

"I remember how, as a child, I looked forward with anticipation for World Vision staff to come to our house or call my mom to include me in their initiatives," remembers Maga.  

From the moment she became a sponsored child, Maga started to get involved in World Vision’s activities in her community. Event after event, she would ask the staff members what projects she could enroll in.  

"I was encouraged by World Vision to join the school council and participate in various learning events on students' rights, school management, community development and leadership. This is how I became more confident and grew personally." 

First steps 

As Maga grew in confidence, she realized the power she had to change her reality. Along with 10 other young people who were involved with World Vision, they established a foundation focusing on issues affecting youth in Armenia. 

"World Vision encouraged and supported us. Today, our Youth for Development Foundation is implementing four big projects," rejoices Maga. 

Empowering other women 

Maga is also responsible for running a project to support Syrian refugees in Armenia. "I am fully managing this project that not only aims to show the struggles of Syrian refugee women, but also supports them financially," she explains. 

Armenian based artists are also part of the project, portraying stories of war and escape from Syria. Paintings depicting their journey are sold, with proceeds split between the Syrian refugee women and the artists. 

The girl from the poor district of Yerevan is an example that, when you are blessed with the support and resources you need, you not only have the power to change your own life, but also to transform lives in your community.