World's best mom

May 01, 2016
10-Minute Read
Mãe, Mère, Maji, Induk, Mama, Ammee, Mom; the word ‘mother’ in any language represents strength, love and security. And these moms are no exception!
Woman in headscarf sits on couch surrounded by four children.
THE WEST BANK — Mom’s work is never done; that couldn’t be any truer for Manal. After losing her husband in a tragic work-related accident, Manal had to become the breadwinner for her four children. Today, in addition to her regular duties as mother and father, Manal also works at a World Vision-supported women’s centre in the city of Jenin. “I love her very much,” says Manal’s eldest daughter Madlen.
A group of moms stand in a line holding new mosquito nets that will protect them and their babies from malaria and other mosquito-borne illnesses.
GHANA — Expectant moms show off their newly received mosquito nets. These nets will help protect their precious little ones from a top killer of children under five: malaria.
In Indonesia, a mother holds her infant son in her arms and looks into his face, lovingly.
INDONESIA — Baby Fabian was born two months premature. His mother Kartiwi was determined to give her son a healthy start to life, so after World Vision taught her about the advantages of breast feeding, she committed to exclusively breast feeding him until he was six months old.
In Kenya a mother tickles her toddler age daughter while she laughs hysterically.
KENYA — Mom Jennifer Kadogo, who is HIV-positive, has ensured that her daughter Hadijah, 2, remains safe from contracting the virus thanks to a replacement milk diet and advice from a World Vision program for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and AIDS.
In a classroom in Laos, mothers sit at desks and look toward the front of the room.
LAOS — ‘Model Mother’ training is a two-day course offered to Laotian moms once a month by World Vision. Topics covered include family planning, HIV and AIDS prevention, vaccinations, proper hygiene and how to access hospitals and local clinics. After completing their training, these women will return to their communities to share their knowledge.
A mom carries her young son in a wrap attached to her back, and he looks up at her admiringly.
BURUNDI — Mom’s comforting arms usually do the trick, but for Elvis, something more is needed to get help get rid of a persistent cough. “Whose blankets are those?” Elvis asks his mother Valerie. “They are ours,” she replies. “I am very happy tonight,” says Valerie with a big smile. Like all moms, she just wants her son to be safe, warm and healthy.
In Laos, a mom holds her baby close to her and beams with joy while looking at him.
LAOS — Mrs. Kham, 27, lost two babies shortly after birth and had to cope with the losses alone because health services did not exist in her community. Today, with funding from World Vision and the local government, health workers receive training and clinics are more accessible, with set drop-in hours for pregnant women and mothers. The infant mortality rate in the village has also decreased as a result. Mrs. Kham now has three healthy children.
A Nepalese mother dressed in a sari, sits on the floor with her son while they read school books together.
NEPAL — Rajo recently attended a six-month World Vision run adult literacy class in Nepal. “I never got to go to school,” she says, “Now at least, I can write my name. I can slowly read my son’s school book stories.” When it comes to stories that are more challenging to read, Rajo says, “[My son] helps me read the stories.”
A Peruvian mother feeds her toddler daughter from a spoon. They on on a mountain top and the Andean mountains can be seen in the background.
PERU — High in the Andean mountains, World Vision staff meet with moms to teach them how to mix nutritious foods. Most of them did not understand that different foods have different nutritious benefits. They have learned that children and pregnant mothers need different kinds of foods. They have also learned to add local veggies to their diet to help keep their families healthy.
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