Education brings a brighter future

Updated Sep 06, 2018
Written by World Vision El Salvador; Edited by Kaija Hutteri and Katie Hackett

Education is an essential stepping stone to employment and financial security. However, the hope of a brighter future seemed out of reach for 370 children living in one of Jubileo’s rural communities.
The local school could only provide education up to Grade 9. Without technology and with limited financial resources, the school could not meet the standards set out by the Ministry of Education to grant high school diplomas.
For most youth in the area, this meant an end to their education. Travelling outside the community to attend high school was not an option because of serious gang violence.
Community members worked with the school director to try to secure funding to offer a full high school program. After a number of setbacks, they approached World Vision for support. The contributions of Canadians who sponsor children in Jubileo made it possible for us to provide ten computers for the school.
The lack of a computer lab was one of the greatest obstacles the school needed to overcome to provide high school education. Technological skills are vital in many fields of work, and not knowing how to use a computer can be a significant barrier to employment.
The youth were overjoyed to have the opportunity to learn how to use computers without endangering their lives by travelling through gang territory to other schools.
“We are satisfied and grateful for the ten computers our school received,” says Daniel, one of the students. “This support will allow us to fulfill our dreams and meet the high school course requirements set out by the Ministry of Education.”
Through the generous contributions of World Vision sponsors, hundreds of children and youth have a brighter future ahead of them.