These gifts transformed Rosemary's family

Nov 17, 2016
10-Minute Read
Photo above: This family's story changed with the donation of a few goats. World Vision Zambia staff member Agatha Mali and Rosemary are all smiles now- that's what happens when we partner together to bring transformation to life.

Smiling woman leans her head on a smiling man's shoulder while he carries bamboo on the other shoulder.
It all started when Rosemary's grandfather Danford (pictured here with his wife, Patricia) received five goats in 2011. "Here comes the freedom," Danford said he told himself.

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A girl in a sunflower field eats seeds from a flower.
The goats provided enough income that Danford was able to diversify his crops. Here, Rosemary enjoys some sunflower seeds from her grandfather's field. 

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A girl in a navy uniform smiles as she writes out a math problem on the chalkboard.
Rosemary's father, Justine, struggled in school. Too hungry to concentrate, he dropped out before finishing. But, as a sponsored child, Rosemary is able to get an education. She's is the top student in her class, and excels at math and science.

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Little girl with braids uses her hands to drink water from an outdoor faucet.
Clean water is another benefit of living in a World Vision Area Development Project. World Vision installed a solar-powered borehole nearby, which provides the safe drinking water that Rosemary's 3 year-old sister, Ronester, is enjoying in this photo. 

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A child in orange shirt and green shorts speeds past trees and bushes on a bicycle on a dirt road
Goats weren't the only thing Rosemary's family received from the gift catalogue. Here, her relative Soviet, 12 years old, rides a bike that was donated in partnership with World Bicycle Relief. Danford received bicycle repair training and helps keep the community's wheels moving. 

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Photos by Jon Warren.