These Christmas gifts are human rights

Dec 02, 2016
10-Minute Read
Gifts are often something we think of as meaningful, but mostly superfluous expressions of our love for each other. But in some cases, gifts can be blessings that change the course of our lives for good.

This Human Rights Day, we're reflecting on a few gifts that offer hope for a better future, and can impact the lives of children and families forever. We've drawn four examples that represent articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a global standard of fundamental human rights set out by the United Nations.

Article 3: Right to Life, Liberty and Personal Security

15 year-old Muombi (pictured above) was separated from her family when they fled violence in her village. She now lives with family friends in a refugee camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For children living in dangerous places, life, liberty, and personal security can often seem out of reach. But, through support to our Raw Hope initiative, children and families are provided with things like clean water, food, remedial education, healthcare, and shelter.

When World Vision works in refugee camps, our staff also set up Child Friendly Spaces, where children can feel protected and cared for, and where they can begin to process the horrors they've experienced, while playing and learning.

Article 4: Freedom from Slavery

Girls hold presents wrapped with floral paper and bows.
Child survivors of sex-trafficking and sexual exploitation enjoy a Christmas gift exchange with World Vision staff at a Trauma Recovery Centre.

It's a difficult reality that in our modern world, children are still enslaved for labour and sexual exploitation.
But by providing education, advocacy, and a safe haven for children, World Vision is helping to protect the most vulnerable. Your donation goes directly into these community efforts.

Article 23: Right to Desirable Work

A smiling woman in a pink scarf sits at a sewing machine outside, next to a smiling little girl in a red dress.
Parul, a mother in Bangladesh, is able to provide for her daughter Tasnim (pictured) and son Tazim because of the training and sewing machine the World Vision provided. 

In many parts of the developing world, this can be hard to find. That's why World Vision empowers entrepreneurs and artisans through our Gift Catalogue.

Whether you purchase a beaded bracelet, a Christmas tree ornament, or chip in for the equipment to start a whole business, your gift offers sustainable wages, and a more hopeful future for families.

Article 26: Right to Education

A group of children and teens sing next to a white artificial Christmas tree decorated with coloured balls.
Children in Peru enjoy story-time at their school library

An education is central to maximizing a child’s potential. That's why our Gift Catalogue has an entire section dedicated to educational gifts- from $10-$200. A well rounded education, complete with music and art, sports, and fueled by a full belly, makes a world of difference for kids.

Human Rights Day is a reminder of the standard that we are all (regardless of where we come from) entitled to. We’ll keep working until those rights are honoured for every person. Will you join us?