Toys make reading fun

Aug 08, 2017
By Jonathan Del Alamo; Leanna Cappiello

What’s small, cozy and specially designed for kids to improve reading habits?

A toy library, of course!

World Vision has implemented a new, creative idea to foster and develop reading comprehension in Peruvian children. The toy library uses puppets to encourage humour, teamwork, creativity and imagination.

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The toy library doubles as a reading space where children can enjoy doing their homework and exploring the stories in books. With the toys and puppets, kids can act out the stories they read about, improving their understanding of the text.

Teachers have noticed better learning engagement with students, thanks to the toy library and reading spaces.

In addition, World Vision has been promoting do-it-yourself reading spaces in children’s homes. Parents have even learned how to recycle and reclaim found objects–like fruit boxes and old notebooks– to decorate the shelves. This encourages the culture of reading beyond the classroom.

Now, the children have comfortable, tidy toy library and reading space made with love, both at school and at home.