New Home, New Hope

Jul 18, 2017
By Javan Niyakire; Edited by Leanna Cappiello

 Aline, a 12-year-old girl who suffered from pneumonia, now enjoys beter shelter, thanks to World Vision's Service-in-Kind program.

During rainy seasons, Aline recounts raindrops pouring in, her school materials regularly damaged. Aline would be kept awake at night, and wake up exhausted, impeding her attentiveness at school.

To make matters worse, her parents and siblings all shared a small room to sleep in and store their belongings. There were even recurring fires that destroyed some of the neighborhood huts.

Aline's mother, Eugenie, says that extreme poverty was the reason her home was left unfinished. "With my 5 children, I was finding it hard to put enough food on the table, and then find means and strength to concentrate on improving my shelter," she says.

Through Services-in-Kind, community members are called to contribute to the development of their areas including environment protection, rehabilitation of rural paths and rehabilitating shelters of the most vulnerable. In Aline's area, improved shelters rehabilitated benefited 172 inhabitants, of which 89 were children.

"Since we moved to the new house, my school performance is improving," says Aline, who is dedicated to her studies.

Eugenie is already seeing positive results brought on by her new shelter. "My five children are no longer haunted by pneumonia as they did before," she shares with joyful relief.

This mother is thankful to World Vision diligent work in her area, and hopes that the new shelter will help improve school performance in her children.

Through the Services-in-Kind program, World Vision mobilized community members to work for items that Aline's family would have otherwise needed to buy: exercise books, pens, pencils, bags and clothes, to name a few.

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