Latin American kids learn about Canada

Aug 09, 2017
By Chris Ortiz; Edited by Leanna Cappiello

During a recent trip to Manos Unidas, World Vision’s Program Portfolio Manager, Chris Ortiz, was able to see the impact of Canadian donations on the field level.

Children and youth now have a special space to learn through tutoring and extracurricular activities.

Improvements being made

Some of the recent transformations to the school have been:
  • Training community volunteers to help out with after school activities
  • Literacy Boost tutoring program g​eared toward helping children reach their potential
  • New learning materials, school buildings, classrooms and libraries
  • Workshops for parents on how to help their children learn at home while still encouraging them to stay in school
“I attended a Literacy Boost class and observed how the children practiced their reading skills,” Chris says. A classroom fits about 25 children and lessons are led by two teaching volunteers.

Chris also had the chance to share a bit about his learning journey growing up in Bolivia and Canada. He told the children about the benefits of reading and the doors it can open for their futures.

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