From shy student to bold leader

Aug 08, 2017
By Barun Bajracharya; Edited by Leanna Cappiello 

​Holding a book in her hands, 13-year-old Sujita walks down the stairs to address a group of students on the school grounds. She is preparing to share some new knowledge that she’s recently acquired. Excited students gather around her as Sujita speaks about the importance of life skills. Her posture demonstrates a new confidence.

Six months ago, Sujita attended a transformative training program supported by World Vision. She was among 350 children from disadvantaged and marginalized communities in Western Nepal to attend.

"That training changed my life. I'm a new person now. My confidence has significantly increased after the training and my [conversation] skills have improved too. The training included sessions on teaching children how to express their ideas and thoughts without hesitation. Now, I am able to express my views more boldly.

The training made me a better person. It taught me how to manage stress and helped me understand decision-making and problem-solving, which are important life lessons for a child," she says.

From there, Sujita's life took a new turn. She is now equipped to handle challenging situations–such as conflict or discrimination–by managing her thoughts and feelings and learning how to express herself better.

After the training, Sujita was nominated to be the vice-president of her school's eco-club. The lessons about effective communication during training enabled Sujita to express her views clearly to her parents, teachers and fellow students.

Sujita has evolved from being a self-conscious child who hesitats to ask questions, to a bold, confident girl who advocates for herself and others.

Endorsing the need for life skills training, Sujita says, "Life skill training helps children develop various aspects of their personality. They learn to develop their creative and critical thinking along with self-awareness, problem-solving and effective communication.”

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