Solomon’s Six Kilometres

Jun 21, 2018
Over the summer we’ll be featuring Canadians who are taking on challenges to help some of the world’s most vulnerable children. We hope you’ll be as inspired by them as we are.

I first found out about the Global 6K through my pastor. He knew I had a passion for bringing our community together and thought this opportunity would be perfect for me. As I did my research on the event, I was immediately brought back to my childhood.

I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria where I was the sixth born in a family of seven children. Life wasn’t always easy for my family, but Nigerians are known for their resiliency, often being called the “suffering but smiling” people. Every morning we wake up with a smile on our face and hope for a better tomorrow.

I remember always having friends and family close by growing up, and the food being delicious.

Solomon with his wife, Channon.

But the memories I recalled when researching the Global 6K were not fond ones. These were memories of walking long distances to gather water in large containers called ‘drums’. I would often make these trips a few times a day, and on those days, there would be very little energy left for sports or homework.

Easy access to clean water has always been a struggle in Nigeria, and many other countries in the region. After I settled in Canada, I have a vivid memory of turning on a tap and being brought to tears as I thought of how easy it was for me to access water, and how hard it is for those still living in Nigeria.

Realizing that with the Global 6K I had found a means to help children in a way I would have wanted to be helped as a young boy was exhilarating.

On June 30th my wife, two-year-old son and ten others will walk with me to help raise awareness and funds, so that children like me will have clean water and will spend their time playing soccer with their friends after school.

Together, we will make history and help communities have clean water. My hope is that we will not just be an inspiring story, but will motivate Canadians to do something great every day!

By: Solomon Oyeniran, Team World Vision participant

If you'd like to contribute to Solomon's fundraising goals you can do so here.