Salvador hopes he’s made his sponsor proud

May 01, 2018
Salvador flashes an inspiring smile on his way to school. Photo: World Vision

Written by: World Vision Philippines; Edited by Katie Hackett

Salvador finished his Education degree last year. While waiting for his board exam results, he decided to spend his time volunteering as a teacher for out-of-school youth.
“When you have experienced the generosity of other people, especially strangers, it will impact your life,” says Salvador. “I am giving back because someone I haven’t even met also invested in me while I was growing up—my sponsor.”
Salvador was one of seven children. His dad, a coconut farmer, could barely earn enough to support the family, so when Salvador and his older brother were sponsored, they felt the benefits big-time.

More than the school supplies and livelihood support, Salvador is most grateful for how his personality and leadership skills were developed.

He is keen to become a teacher this year but says that he’ll keep volunteering for as long as he can. He enjoys encouraging his students to follow their dreams.
“Who I am today is because of God, my family and because of the help from other people like my sponsor. My siblings and I grew up surrounded by generosity and I want to bring that same attitude with me, now that I am a professional,” he says with a smile.
Salvador hopes his sponsor from Canada will be proud of him, even though they haven’t met face to face.
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